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Sunday, June 16, 2013

When I was a Stranger

When I was a Stranger and you saw this in Me
You didn't embrace Me or start welcoming Me
Rather you parted from and marginalized Me
You told me you were Christian, I waited to see

When I was a Stranger and was needing a friend
I thought you would help Me in My attempting to blend.
But you would not be willing or give me that embrace
I sat on your doorstep and accepted my place

When I was a Stranger and was looking around
I heard many preachers, many bibles were found
But I kept right on walking and watching to see
Who would be a Christian to a Stranger like Me.

When I was a Stranger and walked on your land
I began to see Christians and began to understand:
That though I was willing and as open as can be:
I would remain just a Stranger; though you were following Me...

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