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Monday, June 3, 2013

Tiny teardrops from the Heavens

Tiny teardrops from the  Heavens are falling everywhere
Raindrops are like kisses that are  touching all with care
All the world has been thirsty and so looking for this rain
How soothing to the heartache: a natural remedy for our pain.

The treetops are busy moving with the whispers of the wind
The flowers are gently opening:letting all the sprinkles in.
The birds are busy jumping through the the blades of grass so wet
All creation begins to sparkle with a beauty one can't forget.

Though the sun is totally hidden beneath those clouds so gray
There's a beauty  with each downpour that comes into our day
Everything is much more sparkly beneath the flowing rain
Would that we could turn on this rain  whenever we're in pain..

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