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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The wind is whispering sounds of warning

The wind is whispering sounds of warning as she moves about with care
Telling us of a coming tempest, she urges vigilance far and near
Trees are bending with the movement of the mighty gusts of wind
Crawling creatures watch the omens; turbulent times are soon to begin

Clouds are joining hands together as they approach with cloaks of gray
"Don't you linger around us watching": are the words they seem to say
A great quiet sweeps the moments into a hush that is calm and still
It is the calm before the tempest. This invading silence is surreal.

Cracks of lightning split the ceiling of the skies now dark and gray
Thunderous sounds are echoing loudly. Storms are no longer far away.
The heavens open up their portals. showers fall with crashing speed
All the earth is watching movements come as though with urgent need.

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