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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The skies outside have turned from a dark grey to blue

The skies outside have turned from  a dark grey to blue
Every flower  has begun  to sing to all its lovely :"I love you"
Eternity is starting to echo through  all the plants and the trees
The Eternal voice is whispering in every blowing breeze.

The waking robin is already starting out with her daily routine.
She is pecking the earth and searching for some moving food unseen.
The Crows with  all  their boldness have been robbing the squirrels stash
While all of us humans are so busy about the world of making cash.

While you and I are rushing about with what we have to do inside
The universe is busy creating some beautiful masterpieces outside.
Melodious sounds are beginning to sound out from both far and near
Have you any moments to listen to everything that there is to hear?

The tiniest of the insects has begun it's sprint across the earth
Chirping sounds from the Pines tell us there has been a new birth
The temperature rising from the earliest hours of this brand new day
Signals that summer's starting and is settling in for an eventful stay

The stanzas of this verse continue on inside of both me and you
We  are the poets unpublished that are taking in all of this view
The sounding universe will continue on  throughout our busy day
Will you be able to share it with someone that you meet along the way?

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