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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our spirits are needy


Sacred sister, holy silence: keeper of all the lasing peace
Help us all to be kind and loving; make our warring cease.
For too long the guns have fired, and created an enormous fear
Every country has "a button". that can end both far and near.

Holy Angels, bright and glowing: messengers from the Great Above
Teach our stubborn hearts to soften, give us all the gift of love
We have been too long in hatred; and in blindness we have walked
We have looked, but. have no seeing; we have injured when we talked.

Mother earth, so quiet and gentle: always giving to us day by day;
Help us learn your selfless lessons, lead us on the peaceful way
We have been so far from loving; there are some who suffer now
Because we chose the path of violence: we are justified some how?

Breathe in us oh Sacred Spirit and leave in us Your creative ways
Help us turn from all destruction give us words that only praise
We have lost too many moments and have compromised our  time
Our happiness begins each second: it isn't, only, for some place sublime.

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