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Sunday, June 23, 2013

In the morning, while the sun is rising............

In the morning, while the sun is rising, I awaken from my sleep
And with reverence and all the angels enter into a silence deep
There I find the Eternal One of the earth and bright blue sky
And am lost inside the Wisdom of the Sustainer of  you and I

Without the need for words or writing, my heart is so totally still
As I listen to the Infinite One Who is whispering inside of  my will
All the universe around me is uniting inside the sweetest melody
That forms the background music as I'm lost within  Infinity.

The secrets of Eternity become demystified during this  time
So that while I'm meditating the angels are composing   rhyme:
Telling me of the essence of every time and  endless space
The Eternal One is imprinting in me the secrets of lasting grace.

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