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Saturday, June 8, 2013

After the rain stops

There is a stillness that is all around us and the storms have passed away.
The clouds are still out there lingering;  giving a greyness to the day
The robins are all up so early and they have been poking upon the ground
Our Mother Earth is quietly yawning,  letting out her soothing sound.

The trees are all swaying gently and are sparkling like the morning dew
The flowers and plants are so happy that They're reaching out for me and you.
All the universe is so busy but she will stop to send greetings through the air:
Are you able to  hear all of these melodies? God's blessings are everywhere.

Now that the raining has slowed down and all the skies are still showing their grey
We are ready to go out exploring to see what all the universe will have to say
But we mustn't go out with  hastiness or proceed with any  unmeasured speed
For, if we do,  we might miss all of the noiselessness of the  quietly emerging seed.

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