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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Storm is Coming

The clouds are hanging around the Heavens and painting a dreary gray
Their clashing together has set the tone for the approaching stormy day
There  is this air of stillness about me and some random flashes of light
I'm Sure the Heavens will be opening up to shower everything that is in sight.

The Creatures are quieter than normal now for they sense what's on the way
The robbins who are usually pecking around have not come for their usual stay
The calm that's settling inside of me has spread out across this sombering scene
You can almost hear the angels whispering.... can't imagine what this could mean..

The trees and flowers have become so still that   the ants wont work any more
The quieting universe is  pointing out what our dear mother nature has in store
Every created creature has taken some notice of  the movements up above
And every ounce of air is crying out to us that these storms are carrying God's love..

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