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Monday, June 10, 2013

A hundred thousand raindrops

The stillness of the morning has erupted with a soothing sound
A hundred thousand raindrops are all quickly falling to the ground
Another day of the lingering rain might mean another dismal day
But there isn't need to be saddened; for all of this will pass away.

The robins are able to find blessings beneath these darkening skies
The plant-lets and all of the vegetables are letting out some joyful sighs
For though the storm clouds are gathering and are threatening as can be
They are letting out an inner healing  that is beneficial for you and me.

So let all of these falling raindrops keep on falling down upon us today
And let all of those mighty storm clouds shout out with their great display
For we know that they have their meanings and are so very good for us all
Every storm cloud is a bundle of  blessings  for both the great and the small

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