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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Raindrops unseen

Cool quiet winds are sweeping the sky
Gone are the storms: all have passed by.
Robins and Cardinals are gathering around
Looking for breakfast; they peck at the ground.

Fluffy white clouds are still far away
The Heavenly dome is colored with gray
Something is whispering and shaking the trees
"Chances of rain", mumbles the breeze.

All of the earth, with her flowery scene
Rejoices in the forecast and raindrops unseen.
She knows that that weather: whatever it may be
Contributes to growth and the beauty we see.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Soft are those moments

Soft are those moments that move through the air
When morning's approaching with greatest of care.
How tender the touches of the breeze on its way
It wakens the dawn and it gives voice to the day.

Simple the messages that spread  through the sky
They're found in the wind that keeps passing us by
Unspeakable the noises that are echoing within
The dawn gives them freedom: our speeches begin..

How wonderful the sunrise, how beautiful this day
Each morning's our transport to the mystical way
We have only to listen and to see what's around
Enlightenment is found in the sight and the sound.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whisper to me sweet universe

Whisper to me sweet universe and speak to me if you would please
Share with me that wisdom that's inside the plants and the trees
Talk to my inner most being and breathe deeply into my heart
I have tasted all of  your sweetness; it won't ever let me depart

Your mornings have moved me so deeply and I have heard your song
Every creature is out there to remind me of where I  truly belong
I'm lost inside of your sweetness that is oozing with Love Divine
Whenever I am in your presence I feel like the Heavens are  mine.

Whoever is lost and is wondering and whoever is seeking the light
Will find whatever is needed in the opening of  day and night
For echoing from every creature and whispering through all the trees
Is the One who gave us being and Who is also  inside the breeze.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

High temperatures

The heat is so exhausting and the temperature is  high
Going out is not an option so I'm not even going to try
The A/C's  busy running and the cats are both asleep
Today's one of those days when the bugs won't even creep.

The sun is shining brightly and it's beautiful to see
But the weather's not inviting, not cool enough for me.
So, I'm here inside my dwelling with both my lovely cats
Listening to some music and engaging in some chats.

Tomorrow seems to promise to be something like today
So I wont be making plans to be outside in any way
Until the heatwave passes and temperatures aren't high
I won't be outside there walking, I'm not even gonna try.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I stepped outside this morning

I Stepped outside this morning to see what I can see
And all around me a chorus was singing so joyfully
I saw so clearly the robins as they were tweeting away
And handful of playful squirrels were welcoming the day.

The crows with all their loudness were giving out their sound
Bees were making their honey from all the flowers they had found
Insects were busy crawling, making their movement on the ground
The plants and trees and flowers were all whispering their round.

So I stopped my gaze from looking and closed my listening ear
To breathe in the cool wind passing and to taste the atmosphere
I have known the morning's wonders and have felt the gentle touch
Of all of the creature's passing and the One who loves me much.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Let the storms come

The birds are singing sweetly though the clouds are in the sky
Shades of gray are forming while the gusty winds pass by
Something about the atmosphere reveals that storms are near
At a distance we see lightning and some  thunder we can hear.

The week is marked out clearly and the storms are on their way
Yet all of this is helpful for the harvest we'll do some day
For though it seems so  violent with all of it's noisy sound
The storm is like a vessel that holds blessings to be found

So let the tempest shake us and the mightiest of breezes roar
For we know that when it's over we'll be stronger than before
With all these struggles and trials that beset us along the way
We'll come out like flowers who shine out during the day.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

In the morning, while the sun is rising............

In the morning, while the sun is rising, I awaken from my sleep
And with reverence and all the angels enter into a silence deep
There I find the Eternal One of the earth and bright blue sky
And am lost inside the Wisdom of the Sustainer of  you and I

Without the need for words or writing, my heart is so totally still
As I listen to the Infinite One Who is whispering inside of  my will
All the universe around me is uniting inside the sweetest melody
That forms the background music as I'm lost within  Infinity.

The secrets of Eternity become demystified during this  time
So that while I'm meditating the angels are composing   rhyme:
Telling me of the essence of every time and  endless space
The Eternal One is imprinting in me the secrets of lasting grace.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Look at all the flowers, see how the freely grow
Without ever speaking their happiness we know
Something about their being inspires us to give
Whenever we are saddened they encourage us to live.

Look at all the creatures, see how they move around
Some are above us flying and others are on the ground
No matter what they're doing they always tend to sing
Creatures of every genre are rejoicing in everything

Look at all of the universe;  look and try to see
That we are all so interconnected, connected as can be
Each one of is but a bearer of The Extended Divinity
We are carrying to one another That Breath of Eternity.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Beautiful songs of earth

Beautiful songs of earth are rising up today
Creatures of every kind have so much to say
The sun is shining brightly: everything's so clear
The universe is inviting: let us all draw near.

Listen to all the messages riding on the wind
Constantly it is whispering and moving us within
So much wonderful mystery, so much of the Divine:
We've become partakers of creation's wine.

Now the music's playing and we can hear the verse
Creative dance is starting without a need to rehearse
All creation is moving and flowing with the sound
What a wonderful connection in this unity is found

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wonderful whispers from the earth

The birds are singing out their songs as the morning starts to break
Squirrels are busy with their search and the earth around me wakes
Signs of the summer are breaking out and the solstice is drawing near
While wonderful whispers from the earth are echoing for all to hear.

The movement of the wind through trees is creating a rhythmic sound
While sprinkles of the morning star are on everything that is around.
A beautiful glowing tinge of orange is laid out with the morning display
While sweetness sweeps across the land and announces the newborn day..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How memorable these moments that waken each day

Tender the moments that are whispering inside
As I awaken to greetings from creatures outside
Quietly encircling me and my spirit from within
The universe is inviting me to let it come in.

So slowly I'm rising up and opening my eyes
While sprinkles of Light dance through the skies
The birds are still sleeping and keeping their rest
The dawn is emerging with her eyes looking west

How memorable these moments that waken each day
We are lost inside echoes that can carry us away
Beyond all of the soundings and senses so deep
The Eternal One is giving us treasures to keep.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Because I have PTSD

I wish that I could be who you want me to be
Someone perfect and flawless: no signs of PTSD
Despite all of my efforts and everything I do:
I feel like I'm failing: disappointing to you.

I have all of these flashbacks again and again
I think they are over then they start up within:
Carrying their banners that everyone can see
My memories keep shouting out because I have PTSD.

If I could control them, not allow them to begin
My memories and hurts would never come out again
But I'm helplessly unknowing: they have no set times
They appear without notice and whisper their rhymes.

Pleading before you as I'm requesting more space
Don't hold me accountable I'm stuck in some place
A victim of circumstance, I've committed no crime
My fears and my memories hold me backwards in time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

When you are not feeling well...

Take some time now,
and allow your soul to breathe in
the universe's lasting peace.
You are in a hurry;
but, all of this hurrying is unhealthy
and is needing to finally cease.
Your true happiness
will be found in the gentle rhythm, of the heart
 that is letting go.
There's no need to be speeding
through every page of your own story:
don't you know?

You are finding imbalances,
in how you are feeling,
deep inside of your earthly frame.
And you are looking for some reasons
and some places
where you can put down all of the blame.
After all of the searching
for the reasons and the meanings behind
how you're starting to feel;
You will discover, in the quieting silence:
the mysteries that reveal
why you need to be calm and still.

Are you starting to feel better
as you are letting the words of this poem
calm your being deep inside?
Are you finally realizing
that the answers you've been seeking
aren't found in anything that's outside?
Everything you're needing to know
and are struggling with
is being answered by your own spirit deep within.
So, close your eyes now
and turn off all of that is noisy and disabling.
Let your healing finally begin.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

When I was a Stranger

When I was a Stranger and you saw this in Me
You didn't embrace Me or start welcoming Me
Rather you parted from and marginalized Me
You told me you were Christian, I waited to see

When I was a Stranger and was needing a friend
I thought you would help Me in My attempting to blend.
But you would not be willing or give me that embrace
I sat on your doorstep and accepted my place

When I was a Stranger and was looking around
I heard many preachers, many bibles were found
But I kept right on walking and watching to see
Who would be a Christian to a Stranger like Me.

When I was a Stranger and walked on your land
I began to see Christians and began to understand:
That though I was willing and as open as can be:
I would remain just a Stranger; though you were following Me...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

There is a beauty all around us and it is shouting to us each day

There is a beauty all around us and it is shouting to us each day
Through the trees and through the flowers: Eternity's on display
In the tiniest little creature and through the greatest  oceans wide
The Infinite has left an Echo that is touching us deep inside

As the earliest signs of the morning are leaping across the sky
The Almighty is sending us messages and inviting both you and I
In the quietness of the sunrise and in the enormity of the sea
The voice of the All Powerful is whispering for you and me

We wont find it in the restlessness or in the whirlwinds we create
But in the humbleness of our silence, all of Eternity will resonate
Not with the grandeur of the nobility that we will ever begin to fly
But with the simplicity of our universe we'll touch the earth and sky

Friday, June 14, 2013

When I woke up

The morning star was shining with a radiance so Divine
It entered through my windows and warmed up this heart of mine
I could see outside my window that the sky was far from gray
And the rains that soaked the universe were gone with yesterday.

The trees were tall and shiny with the all remnants of  the rain
And I could hear the song birds singing their melodious refrain.
All the world was truly vibrant with the colors of all the Spring
Though the summer sounds were humming and taking root in everything.

What a most wonderful way of giving I was so privileged to see
The Eternal One was letting out a portion of all His Divinity
Every moment and every second that was becoming my time and space
Was carrying the Almighty's echo and delivering all His grace

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The wind is whispering sounds of warning

The wind is whispering sounds of warning as she moves about with care
Telling us of a coming tempest, she urges vigilance far and near
Trees are bending with the movement of the mighty gusts of wind
Crawling creatures watch the omens; turbulent times are soon to begin

Clouds are joining hands together as they approach with cloaks of gray
"Don't you linger around us watching": are the words they seem to say
A great quiet sweeps the moments into a hush that is calm and still
It is the calm before the tempest. This invading silence is surreal.

Cracks of lightning split the ceiling of the skies now dark and gray
Thunderous sounds are echoing loudly. Storms are no longer far away.
The heavens open up their portals. showers fall with crashing speed
All the earth is watching movements come as though with urgent need.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The night hours whispered

The night hours whispered with mysterious sound
My returning friend the owl started hooting around
The darkness was enlivened with melodious song
The crickets were soothing as they followed along.

Clouds covered the moonlight but it filtered through
The nocturnal creatures scampered with so much to do.
The darkness was present but stopped nothing at all
The sliders and the creepers continued their crawl.

Suddenly, the sounding stopped sounding  its sound
And the awakening sunlight was beginning its round
The creatures who were once busy took to their flight
While we were waking up they were readying for night

Monday, June 10, 2013

A hundred thousand raindrops

The stillness of the morning has erupted with a soothing sound
A hundred thousand raindrops are all quickly falling to the ground
Another day of the lingering rain might mean another dismal day
But there isn't need to be saddened; for all of this will pass away.

The robins are able to find blessings beneath these darkening skies
The plant-lets and all of the vegetables are letting out some joyful sighs
For though the storm clouds are gathering and are threatening as can be
They are letting out an inner healing  that is beneficial for you and me.

So let all of these falling raindrops keep on falling down upon us today
And let all of those mighty storm clouds shout out with their great display
For we know that they have their meanings and are so very good for us all
Every storm cloud is a bundle of  blessings  for both the great and the small

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sacred Breath that breathes in me

Sacred Breath that breathes in me
Sustain my heart for all of Eternity
Mystic stream that flows with love
Carry my soul to the Great Above

Helper of all the weak and strong
Be with me, for my days are long
Powerful keeper of earth and sky
I see You present in all I pass by

Infinite holder of the Eternal balm
Pour out in me Your everlasting calm.
Life giving Spirit and Unending One
Come rescue me when my life is done.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

After the rain stops

There is a stillness that is all around us and the storms have passed away.
The clouds are still out there lingering;  giving a greyness to the day
The robins are all up so early and they have been poking upon the ground
Our Mother Earth is quietly yawning,  letting out her soothing sound.

The trees are all swaying gently and are sparkling like the morning dew
The flowers and plants are so happy that They're reaching out for me and you.
All the universe is so busy but she will stop to send greetings through the air:
Are you able to  hear all of these melodies? God's blessings are everywhere.

Now that the raining has slowed down and all the skies are still showing their grey
We are ready to go out exploring to see what all the universe will have to say
But we mustn't go out with  hastiness or proceed with any  unmeasured speed
For, if we do,  we might miss all of the noiselessness of the  quietly emerging seed.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I was looking for a rainbow

I was looking for a rainbow for a dream that would come true
I kept looking and kept looking but nothing would come through
I had walked across the valley and had looked beyond the trees
My heart could never find it yet it called me through the breeze.

Though my life was filled with storm clouds I had also seen the Sun
It wasn't always raining and there were victories that I had won
But the colors I kept seeking for never seemed to come my way
So I kept on searching for my rainbow and kept searching every day.

While I was busy with my searching so many things would pass me by:
I even missed my rainbow and the beautiful colors in the sky.
Because I had my  ideas about how a rainbow should appear,
I ignored the many angels who kept telling me my rainbow's here

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Storm is Coming

The clouds are hanging around the Heavens and painting a dreary gray
Their clashing together has set the tone for the approaching stormy day
There  is this air of stillness about me and some random flashes of light
I'm Sure the Heavens will be opening up to shower everything that is in sight.

The Creatures are quieter than normal now for they sense what's on the way
The robbins who are usually pecking around have not come for their usual stay
The calm that's settling inside of me has spread out across this sombering scene
You can almost hear the angels whispering.... can't imagine what this could mean..

The trees and flowers have become so still that   the ants wont work any more
The quieting universe is  pointing out what our dear mother nature has in store
Every created creature has taken some notice of  the movements up above
And every ounce of air is crying out to us that these storms are carrying God's love..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The skies outside have turned from a dark grey to blue

The skies outside have turned from  a dark grey to blue
Every flower  has begun  to sing to all its lovely :"I love you"
Eternity is starting to echo through  all the plants and the trees
The Eternal voice is whispering in every blowing breeze.

The waking robin is already starting out with her daily routine.
She is pecking the earth and searching for some moving food unseen.
The Crows with  all  their boldness have been robbing the squirrels stash
While all of us humans are so busy about the world of making cash.

While you and I are rushing about with what we have to do inside
The universe is busy creating some beautiful masterpieces outside.
Melodious sounds are beginning to sound out from both far and near
Have you any moments to listen to everything that there is to hear?

The tiniest of the insects has begun it's sprint across the earth
Chirping sounds from the Pines tell us there has been a new birth
The temperature rising from the earliest hours of this brand new day
Signals that summer's starting and is settling in for an eventful stay

The stanzas of this verse continue on inside of both me and you
We  are the poets unpublished that are taking in all of this view
The sounding universe will continue on  throughout our busy day
Will you be able to share it with someone that you meet along the way?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our spirits are needy


Sacred sister, holy silence: keeper of all the lasing peace
Help us all to be kind and loving; make our warring cease.
For too long the guns have fired, and created an enormous fear
Every country has "a button". that can end both far and near.

Holy Angels, bright and glowing: messengers from the Great Above
Teach our stubborn hearts to soften, give us all the gift of love
We have been too long in hatred; and in blindness we have walked
We have looked, but. have no seeing; we have injured when we talked.

Mother earth, so quiet and gentle: always giving to us day by day;
Help us learn your selfless lessons, lead us on the peaceful way
We have been so far from loving; there are some who suffer now
Because we chose the path of violence: we are justified some how?

Breathe in us oh Sacred Spirit and leave in us Your creative ways
Help us turn from all destruction give us words that only praise
We have lost too many moments and have compromised our  time
Our happiness begins each second: it isn't, only, for some place sublime.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tiny teardrops from the Heavens

Tiny teardrops from the  Heavens are falling everywhere
Raindrops are like kisses that are  touching all with care
All the world has been thirsty and so looking for this rain
How soothing to the heartache: a natural remedy for our pain.

The treetops are busy moving with the whispers of the wind
The flowers are gently opening:letting all the sprinkles in.
The birds are busy jumping through the the blades of grass so wet
All creation begins to sparkle with a beauty one can't forget.

Though the sun is totally hidden beneath those clouds so gray
There's a beauty  with each downpour that comes into our day
Everything is much more sparkly beneath the flowing rain
Would that we could turn on this rain  whenever we're in pain..

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early hours caught me waking

The early hours caught me waking and the morning was brand new
It wasn't even time for dawn to waken, it was just a bit past two
My blind kitty, he was trying to rouse me from my slumber deep
At my head he was still and peering: pawing me to take my sleep

Getting up I started to listen to the silence that was  around
Sounding creatures were not present emptiness was all I found
Looking down at my prancing Lucca who was crying out for food
I wondered why he so insisted:  his eatings hours are not good.

Having fed my fiesty furball, I sat and listened more inside
Angel sounds were gently rising: soothing me like ocean tide
I love their music and their whisperings: to my heart they are so dear
Perhaps I needed this early awakening;  so they sent my kitty near.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

How it is meant to be

Creatures of the universe are all singing but one song.
The winged ones and crawling ones are all getting along.
The unity and the connection and all that's meant to be
Is only seeing a disruption when it comes to humanity..

The plant life and the growing earth, the minerals one and all
Are interacting with the universe fulfilling their noble call.
The animals and all the skies above, all the mountains and the sea
Are all working together as one;  but then there comes humanity.

We cannot seem to get in step or follow that rhythmic line
That is keeping creation in harmony with the Eternal Divine
So we are needing to take some to tap into that  Endless Peace
That will enable us to work as one instead of in toxic release