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Friday, May 3, 2013

This pain of mine

After a while, my pain  becomes like  some kind of forever friend
And it stays with me where ever I go: it's loyalty to me has no  end
And though there's been so many times that I wished it would  go away
I've come to believe,this pain of mine, is a blessing that's meant to stay.

So I'm going to continue my journey with this  forever friend named pain
Together  we're going to do our best to find the rainbows after the rain
We'll walk about this land of ours with our hearts and heads held high
For we know that we've been paired together to reach  beyond the sky.

Upon reading this poem some  may think: "she's finally lost her mind"
But the reality is quite the opposite: for you see this in every line
There comes a point in all our our lives when we have to accept reality
And make the best with all we have as we inch our way  to Eternity.

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