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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things will get better

The teardrops that are falling will not always continue to fall
You will not always have to feel like that you cannot take it all
There is an oasis for your desert, and a rainbow for all your rain
There will come a time of healing, you will let go of all this pain.

Right now, your heart is broken, and you feel like it's torn in two
There has been a disappointment; something traumatic happened to you
You will arise from all these ashes, like the Phoeinix from the flame
Your tears will turn into laughter, and happiness will replace your shame

If you find that you are reading this and you're the one in tears
Know that my angel has told me, that you'll have better years.
The time for sorrow's departing and a new life is about to begin
All those years of  heartache will blow away with the healing wind.

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