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Thursday, May 23, 2013

There was a little flower

               this is a poem i wrote earlier and  am reposting

There was a little flower who was simple and quite small
Who despite her imperfections chose to give her all
Stretching forth her petals, she kept her thoughts above
She was heard to whisper: "My God, My only Love"

When the storms of time came and soaked her little frame
She simply raised her voice and gave praise to Jesus'name
And though she was not strong, she trusted in God's grace
Which would lead all her actions and shine upon her face

Everyone who came to know her could sense her gentle love
For everything that she would do was done for God above
No one could ever  be left out: she would constantly remind
For the love we've all received is meant for all of humankind

Her life's  a little lesson on how far our love should go
For it is  by our actions that our love for God will show

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