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Friday, May 24, 2013

The universe awakens

The morning started whispering in the softly blowing breeze
She touched the little seedlings and she echoed in the trees
Can you hear the waking universe who is peaceful in her rise?
How wonderful to see the morning sun painting the early skies.

The gentle wind is sailing through the moments of this new day
Listening to her passing by, you might hear her start to say
"I've been carrying these secrets now, where ever I happen to go:
If you would open up to me, I'd tell you things you need to know".

Soft is the rising of all the plants who are putting on a beautiful show
The morning star has kissed them with a warmth they've come to know
Stretching forth their beings they are reaching out  for the morning sky
And echoing the song that Eden sang when she let out her very first sigh.

The ticking sound of the mounted clock has been  echoing inside my mind
It's calling me to now to pull away and to leave the pondering stuff behind
For my work is patiently waiting for me and there are things I need to do
So I whisper my  fair-well to all my friends, "I'll be back when I am through"

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