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Monday, May 27, 2013

Rising from the ashes

     Dedicated to that angel who came into my life

I have known the heartache and the hurt
And some have made me feel lower than dirt
I have known the false friend and the fake
I've been abandoned and thought I would break.

I trusted in the friendly and have been misled
I've believed too readily what others have said.
I have not matured yet, as much as I should
There's some who would hurt me if they could.

I have known the heartaches since I was small
And had wished for mornings I couldn't recall.
The memories from yesterday and the days gone by
Continue to haunt me and to make me cry.

But with all of this said and there is so much;
I have known the kindness of a healing touch
Someone broke the line of the abusive friends
And gave me a vision and a brand new lens.

Someone has accepted me and removed all the dirt
That others have placed there with all of their hurt.
A person has taught me what a real friend can be
And healed all the disappointments inside of me.

thank you :

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