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Friday, May 10, 2013

Nature's Touch

The day is wanting to whisper to us the secrets of all her joys
So quiet down your being so that you're able to hear her voice
While moving through the breezes and falling down like the  rain
The universe is revealing to us how she chooses to soothe the pain.

You can sense the quiet softness of the flowers as they're growing
And though they've known the downpours their beauty is ever showing
Mother Nature has had her simple ways of making sure that all will know
That she is the protective mother of  everyone who'll seed or sow.

Take some quiet moments then and let the universe speak to  you
Listen to every murmuring and every whispering that's coming through.
Our created brothers and sisters with their different shapes and form
Are wanting to enter our senses with all their healing touches so warm

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