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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystical musings with The Winged One

In the quiet  moments of the morning while the world was still asleep
A silent murmuring from The Winged One arose from places so deep
Breaking through every kind of barrier  that could hold me  deep within
The mystical sounds of this owl friend told me something was soon to begin.

Though my mind wasn't able to grasp it and the morn was still far away
It seemed to me that this  mystic was preparing me for the coming day
His chanting sounds were  measured  and his volume and tone were sweet
What a symphony of sound awakening me. It was a most welcome treat

As quietly as he had come to teach me  he had disappeared like a  star
But I know he will be  returning;  for his music doesn't seem to far
I can hear the melody still sounding; it is echoing so deep within
This was my owl friend's second visit  I'm expecting him yet again.

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