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Friday, May 17, 2013

Let the universe teach you

Let the morning sun soak into you like the freshly fallen  rain
Let it ease your mind and spirit and soothe away your every pain
Let the flowing breezes touch you and fall soft upon your face
Let the gentle wind enliven you and hold you in its embrace.

Let the singing birds enchant you and sing their songs for you
Let the quiet flowers inspire you and bring color to all  you do
Let the raging waters be far from you and never wash upon your shore
Let the soothing rivers restore you and bring healing to every sore.

Let the lively universe envelope you and adopt you as its  own
Let the enormous cosmos uplift you and hold you inside its' throne
Let the created world be with you and be like one you  hold most dear
And let the universe remind you that we are all brothers and sisters here.

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