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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How my day starts...

Quietly I am starting to move around the day that is about to begin
For I'm  convinced that our every movement, affects our tranquility within
So I am taking a casual tempo and  I am  softly whispering my prayers
While listening to a choir of creatures who are singing that"Someone Cares"

The darkness that preceded the dawn is now slowly beginning to fade
A crowd of tiny little ant-lets are up early with their busy parade
The universe is all aglow with the sparkling rays of our morning star
And creation is singing her melodies as we are  waking up to who we are.

Breathing in the beauty of each moment I can see the pure angelic glow
While  a certain sense of mystery touches me with warmth I've come to know
Having developed a scheduled appointment with the quietness of the day
I have learned to listen to all the secrets that come out with the start of day.

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