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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't you hear Me calling you?

When your teardrops have been falling beyond the time that they should
When your heartache has been lasting much longer than it normally would
You will find in Me your comfort, your support  and  your lasting Friend
I will stay here right beside you and be that Constant that will never end

You've been crying every morning over all the worries that you undergo.
Your teardrops have flooded the heavens with their constant overflow
You seem to have stopped your believing and are a  victim of your pain.
Let Me help you rebuild your life with all those pieces that remain.

It seems to you so hopeless, like  there's nothing that could go right.
You've taken the back seat in a  limo that will drop you  into some night
It's not the road, I'm wanting for you; can't you hear Me calling your name?
Let's work together on your healing and we'll redirect your goal and aim.

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