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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before the break of dawn

In the early hours of the morning before the break of dawn
I Was wakened by the silence and all my sleep was gone
So I listened in the quiet to the whispers of the night
How magical were those moments; they gave me such delight

Angelic were those hours and every moment passing by
I could hear the crickets humming and a hooting owl cry
While the darkness was disappearing and Dawn was drawing near
The movement of restless creatures was all that I could hear

Now the dawn is upon me and the ravens are starting to crow
I have moved to tending the seedlings who are waking up so slow
The morning symphony's started and my meditation time's begun
But I've already been within it and my pondering times is done

So I'm making ready for work now and I'm coming back inside
While all the plant-lets are happy and thanking me from outside
I'm keeping before me always the satisfaction I know within
Whenever I'm touching the universe and helping life begin

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