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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystical musings with The Winged One

In the quiet  moments of the morning while the world was still asleep
A silent murmuring from The Winged One arose from places so deep
Breaking through every kind of barrier  that could hold me  deep within
The mystical sounds of this owl friend told me something was soon to begin.

Though my mind wasn't able to grasp it and the morn was still far away
It seemed to me that this  mystic was preparing me for the coming day
His chanting sounds were  measured  and his volume and tone were sweet
What a symphony of sound awakening me. It was a most welcome treat

As quietly as he had come to teach me  he had disappeared like a  star
But I know he will be  returning;  for his music doesn't seem to far
I can hear the melody still sounding; it is echoing so deep within
This was my owl friend's second visit  I'm expecting him yet again.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inside the silence

Oh, sit inside the silence now and let it speak to you
Listen to the whispering of the wind that's passing through
Free up all of those teardrops that are falling from your eyes
Every moment and every second are awaiting your replies.

Let go of all those ponderings and let your mind be still
Quiet all of those murmurings and settle down your will.
A tiny bit of emptiness will create oceans of endless peace
Open up your spirit now to the instructions in the breeze.

You say you are so restless and you cannot close your eyes
The morning finds you waiting and looking towards the skies
The answer to your seeking and the calm you're within
Is found within the silence here and is waiting to begin..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The world outside

Outside the birds have begun their song
And the universe has started to join along
The trees are waving along  with the wind
The morning star's inviting the day to begin

A robin is carrying her food with care
The  grass is dancing with a gentle air.
The bees are busy doing what they do best
And Mother Earth is awakening from her rest.

The squirrels are scampering all around
The flies are rejoicing in the summer's sound
The butterflies are fluttering so gracefully
Creation is alive and has so much to see.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A passing rainstorm

Teardrops from the Heavens were falling softly from the sky
Pretty little rainbows were waiting for the storms to pass by
The universe was drenched   by all  of these showers from above
The flowers and little plant-lets were sparkling with  God's love

The thirsty earth was taking in all of  this moisture with great care
Countless were the creatures that were scampering everywhere
Dancing between all of the raindrops that were falling all around
Creation was busy rejoicing with the greatest rhythm and sound.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rising from the ashes

     Dedicated to that angel who came into my life

I have known the heartache and the hurt
And some have made me feel lower than dirt
I have known the false friend and the fake
I've been abandoned and thought I would break.

I trusted in the friendly and have been misled
I've believed too readily what others have said.
I have not matured yet, as much as I should
There's some who would hurt me if they could.

I have known the heartaches since I was small
And had wished for mornings I couldn't recall.
The memories from yesterday and the days gone by
Continue to haunt me and to make me cry.

But with all of this said and there is so much;
I have known the kindness of a healing touch
Someone broke the line of the abusive friends
And gave me a vision and a brand new lens.

Someone has accepted me and removed all the dirt
That others have placed there with all of their hurt.
A person has taught me what a real friend can be
And healed all the disappointments inside of me.

thank you :

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Put it all aside

The universe is whispering and she is calling out to all
She's inviting us to discover her mysteries great and small
In the great and mighty forest or in the golden leaves that fall
She's leaving her simple lessons; can you hear her gently call?

The early birds are singing now and the squirrels are at their play:
They have so much to tell us and  so much we can take away
We have only to watch their movements and how they pass their day
The universe is inviting us to come  for an extended stay.

Will we ever take those moments to explore our world outside?
Will we let the sound of her echoing,  transform our world inside
Will we calm our paces down enough and take a healing stride
I hear a gentle whispering voice it's saying,  "put it all aside."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Heaven's Kiss

A bright and beautiful sunshine has wakened me from sleep
It's warming rays, so healing, has broken the rest I keep
The most wonderful array of sunlight has kissed me on my cheek
I'm left in utter amazement and searching for words to speak.

It's not like any other morning:  this morning that's now  here:
There is something so truly mysterious and it's drawing ever near
It's like a hundred thousand angels aboard a train of speeding light
I'm overcome by all of this brilliance and silenced before this sight

I don't know if you believe in angels or in the wonders from Above
But I've had the most wonderful encounter with the Creator of all love
I know that I am truly cared for and that I am held inside His Peace
His spirit is running right through me and in every tear I will release

Friday, May 24, 2013

The universe awakens

The morning started whispering in the softly blowing breeze
She touched the little seedlings and she echoed in the trees
Can you hear the waking universe who is peaceful in her rise?
How wonderful to see the morning sun painting the early skies.

The gentle wind is sailing through the moments of this new day
Listening to her passing by, you might hear her start to say
"I've been carrying these secrets now, where ever I happen to go:
If you would open up to me, I'd tell you things you need to know".

Soft is the rising of all the plants who are putting on a beautiful show
The morning star has kissed them with a warmth they've come to know
Stretching forth their beings they are reaching out  for the morning sky
And echoing the song that Eden sang when she let out her very first sigh.

The ticking sound of the mounted clock has been  echoing inside my mind
It's calling me to now to pull away and to leave the pondering stuff behind
For my work is patiently waiting for me and there are things I need to do
So I whisper my  fair-well to all my friends, "I'll be back when I am through"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

There was a little flower

               this is a poem i wrote earlier and  am reposting

There was a little flower who was simple and quite small
Who despite her imperfections chose to give her all
Stretching forth her petals, she kept her thoughts above
She was heard to whisper: "My God, My only Love"

When the storms of time came and soaked her little frame
She simply raised her voice and gave praise to Jesus'name
And though she was not strong, she trusted in God's grace
Which would lead all her actions and shine upon her face

Everyone who came to know her could sense her gentle love
For everything that she would do was done for God above
No one could ever  be left out: she would constantly remind
For the love we've all received is meant for all of humankind

Her life's  a little lesson on how far our love should go
For it is  by our actions that our love for God will show

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Though the storm clouds gather

Those teardrops that are falling are all echoing inside my heart
Yet those pains you are now experiencing will eventually depart
For though the storm clouds gather and your skies be ever more gray
There will be formed a rainbow from all the remnants of your day

For though life seems so  hopeless and you are not able to smile
Time  will become you saving river that carries away your trial
And  then  those angelic beings who are assisting the Eternal Glory
Will come down to fight off your enemies and end any scary story.

We're all surrounded by these angels, these spirits sent to aid
We have only to ask them their assistance whenever we are afraid
They will come with all their protection to lift us from our fear
And then we will all be less hindered by the past or yester-year

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The melody will keep on playing

Outside the rain has been falling with a slow and gentle pace
It's soothing the entire universe with a pure and quiet grace
The droplets are each one singing and calling out as they fall
Come let us wash away your worries let us have them one and all

The flowers outide are opening and receiving the sprinkling rain
The fragrant pines are humming and repeating a simple refrain
Creatures from every species and the insects both great and small
Are joining with the Creative Energy as it is trying to heal us all.

We cannot keep up in our resistance; we will all have to finally begin
To allow the music of the universe to heal all our diseases within
For the melody will keep on playing and the creatures will always call
Until every person has been recreated into a carer for one and for all

Monday, May 20, 2013

The takers and the deceivers

                     sometimes we feel vulnerable

Can you understand me now? Can you see this hurt inside?
You shake your head and are wondering: why it is I cried.
Yet promises have been broken; people have been untrue
This is just a tiny piece of what I have been going through.

I'm trying to  keep optimistic while the clouds are filling my skies
But there  are those who are busy creating some really potent lies
They cannot find it inside themselves to follow the One True Light
So they go about and destroy the hope of every person in  sight.

They've made their way into my space , have taken what's mine
Then went and re-presented it as though it was their own shine
Some have this knack of convincing folks with the most deceptive lie
And that is why I'm trembling now and have  had the need to cry..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things will get better

The teardrops that are falling will not always continue to fall
You will not always have to feel like that you cannot take it all
There is an oasis for your desert, and a rainbow for all your rain
There will come a time of healing, you will let go of all this pain.

Right now, your heart is broken, and you feel like it's torn in two
There has been a disappointment; something traumatic happened to you
You will arise from all these ashes, like the Phoeinix from the flame
Your tears will turn into laughter, and happiness will replace your shame

If you find that you are reading this and you're the one in tears
Know that my angel has told me, that you'll have better years.
The time for sorrow's departing and a new life is about to begin
All those years of  heartache will blow away with the healing wind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Inside Life's Garden

How happily the seedlings are pushing through the ground
They have made it through the darkness and all the yuck around
Now they're in the sunlight and are inhaling the pure air
Despite their rough beginnings, they're dancing everywhere

The mystery of becoming has its hold on  everything
There isn't a plant or creature who isn't now evolving
The beauty of every being and the miraculous of every day
Is now whispering in every moment that happens along our way.

Can you hear it in every raindrop and feel it inside the air
The murmurings of the Spirit, transporting all with  care
Everything to Him is present and all will know  His touch
The Eternal Life Giving Spirit loves this universe so much.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Let the universe teach you

Let the morning sun soak into you like the freshly fallen  rain
Let it ease your mind and spirit and soothe away your every pain
Let the flowing breezes touch you and fall soft upon your face
Let the gentle wind enliven you and hold you in its embrace.

Let the singing birds enchant you and sing their songs for you
Let the quiet flowers inspire you and bring color to all  you do
Let the raging waters be far from you and never wash upon your shore
Let the soothing rivers restore you and bring healing to every sore.

Let the lively universe envelope you and adopt you as its  own
Let the enormous cosmos uplift you and hold you inside its' throne
Let the created world be with you and be like one you  hold most dear
And let the universe remind you that we are all brothers and sisters here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before the break of dawn

In the early hours of the morning before the break of dawn
I Was wakened by the silence and all my sleep was gone
So I listened in the quiet to the whispers of the night
How magical were those moments; they gave me such delight

Angelic were those hours and every moment passing by
I could hear the crickets humming and a hooting owl cry
While the darkness was disappearing and Dawn was drawing near
The movement of restless creatures was all that I could hear

Now the dawn is upon me and the ravens are starting to crow
I have moved to tending the seedlings who are waking up so slow
The morning symphony's started and my meditation time's begun
But I've already been within it and my pondering times is done

So I'm making ready for work now and I'm coming back inside
While all the plant-lets are happy and thanking me from outside
I'm keeping before me always the satisfaction I know within
Whenever I'm touching the universe and helping life begin

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am

I am in the wind and I am in the trees
I am in the flowers and I am in the bees
I am in the elements  and I am in the plants
I am in the melody that makes everything dance

I am in the endlessness and I am in you
I am in the breezes that are passing through
I am in the water and  I am in the snow
I am in everything living and in all that is below

I am in the foreverness and I am in the time
I am in the lowly and I am also  in the Sublime
I am in the happiness and I am in the sorrow
I am in the yesterday, the today and the tomorrow..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How my day starts...

Quietly I am starting to move around the day that is about to begin
For I'm  convinced that our every movement, affects our tranquility within
So I am taking a casual tempo and  I am  softly whispering my prayers
While listening to a choir of creatures who are singing that"Someone Cares"

The darkness that preceded the dawn is now slowly beginning to fade
A crowd of tiny little ant-lets are up early with their busy parade
The universe is all aglow with the sparkling rays of our morning star
And creation is singing her melodies as we are  waking up to who we are.

Breathing in the beauty of each moment I can see the pure angelic glow
While  a certain sense of mystery touches me with warmth I've come to know
Having developed a scheduled appointment with the quietness of the day
I have learned to listen to all the secrets that come out with the start of day.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Things will get better and all will turn around:
Sweet is the healing that is starting to sound.
Your past hurts are fading and a new hope arises
Life has been healing and is holding surprises.

Look to the mornings with your heart all aglow
Beautiful blessings are beginning to flow
The teardrops, unwasted, have watered the ground
Where there was once nothing; new flowers are found.

Your life's been unfolding into something brand new
Looking at your spirit you can sense the new you
You are now able to let go of yesterday's dirt
Beautiful victories has replaced all your hurt.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Look outside your window

Look outside your window into the beauty of the sky
Listen to the whispering of the wind that's passing by
Inhale all the pureness of the air thats crisp and new
Feel the gentle touch of the universe cradling you

Hear the opening melody of the earth greeting the Dawn
Smell the various fragrances escaping creation's yawn.
The universe is waking up the elements and the all
Can you hear them inviting you? Listen to their call.

Let go of all things temporal for a taste of Eternity
Set aside some moments now and venture forth to see
The earth with all her beauty is welcoming sister morn
What a beautiful picture of a new day being born.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The magic inside

Healing is the ointment that is flowing through our veins
We have deep inside our being, the extinguisher of all pains
We have only to reach inside of us where all is calm and still
to recover that ancient remedy, the destroyer of every ill.

Created in God's likeness we can all restore and heal
It was never in our destiny to be destructive or to kill.
So why is it that the universe is weeping and all inflamed?
Our disregard for destiny is why each of us can be blamed.

The music of the universe is starting to play again
"you were kind and loving before, do you remember when?"
What happened to that innocence that giving-ness you had
A little child inside of you is waiting to erase the bad.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nature's Touch

The day is wanting to whisper to us the secrets of all her joys
So quiet down your being so that you're able to hear her voice
While moving through the breezes and falling down like the  rain
The universe is revealing to us how she chooses to soothe the pain.

You can sense the quiet softness of the flowers as they're growing
And though they've known the downpours their beauty is ever showing
Mother Nature has had her simple ways of making sure that all will know
That she is the protective mother of  everyone who'll seed or sow.

Take some quiet moments then and let the universe speak to  you
Listen to every murmuring and every whispering that's coming through.
Our created brothers and sisters with their different shapes and form
Are wanting to enter our senses with all their healing touches so warm

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't you hear Me calling you?

When your teardrops have been falling beyond the time that they should
When your heartache has been lasting much longer than it normally would
You will find in Me your comfort, your support  and  your lasting Friend
I will stay here right beside you and be that Constant that will never end

You've been crying every morning over all the worries that you undergo.
Your teardrops have flooded the heavens with their constant overflow
You seem to have stopped your believing and are a  victim of your pain.
Let Me help you rebuild your life with all those pieces that remain.

It seems to you so hopeless, like  there's nothing that could go right.
You've taken the back seat in a  limo that will drop you  into some night
It's not the road, I'm wanting for you; can't you hear Me calling your name?
Let's work together on your healing and we'll redirect your goal and aim.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Thousand Angels or More

This morning, I am heading towards some quiet place within
For I'm feeling somewhat fragile, as the day's about to begin
So I'm silencing all my being to all the noises that are outside
And taking some treasured moments within my secret place inside.

Far off into another land my soul is beginning to soar
I can see the glowing halos of a thousand angels or more
Each one of them is beckoning me and calling to me with love
I cannot resist the petitioning of these beings from above.

So I let my spirit wander into a land where the angels roam
And find some needed comfort inside of my Heavenly Home
All the surroundings are so beautiful and the music is sublime
I find it hard to come back to where the days are ruled by time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There's so much beauty

So much beauty, so  much wonder, so much mystery is in the air
The rain has dropped from Heaven and has left a sparkle everywhere
All the plants are freshly glistening with the the glistening from above
While all the trees and flowers are sparkling with the glow of lasting love.

Hear that chatter, hear that music; hear those sounds of happy grace?
For every fallen raindrop, a transformation has taken place.
Shining with all of those droplets that the Heavens have released below
The universe is radiantly singing with an Eternal and celestial glow.

All the grass around  me is shining and there is moisture in the air
Everythng that has been created is alive with a touch of  care.
The sun is starting to peak through and the clouds are floating away
I think that everything is beautiful and it's going to be a great day.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Universal harmony

The butterflies outside are flying and the sun is beginning to shine
Flowers are decorating the meadows and inspiring this heart of mine
Creatures of the spring time are waking and starting their songs anew
The universe is gently inviting, it has melodies for me and for you.

Can you hear the sound of the flowers,  the symphony of all the ants?
Have you listened to the rhythmic showers or noticed the growing plants?
There's a peacefulness in all of creation,  a serenity that's meant for all
We're all part of the Eternal One's mission, no creature is ever too small.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Be with me, Lord

Be with me, my Lord, as I start this new day
Watch over my heart and the words that I say
May all of my actions; yes, all that I do
Be a constant reflection of my love for You.

Be with me my Savior, as I reach out to all.
Help me to be patient as I answer each call.
Give me your vision, that willingness to see
That each person, I encounter, is a portion of me.

Be with me, my Creator, my savior, my friend
Your presence around me, I want to extend
Be in all of my thinking before it can sound
Let no one know sadness because I'm around.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm blessed

dedicated to Cristy as she celebrates another year of life

You whispered into my being before I came to be
You released your giving Spirit and then created me
How truly blessed I am to possess this fragile frame
I will forever call You blessed and magnify Your name

Upon my sleeping spirit You imprinted Your dear will
And echoed all Your mysteries into this earth so still
All of Your wondrous ways are ever before my eyes
I can only say I'm blessed by the Creator of the skies.

Oh won't you sing with me: my dearest  universe so sweet
Won't you dance along with me with happy and festive feet?
Our life has been been so full of so many wondrous things
This morning I will be initiating the song creation sings.

Friday, May 3, 2013

This pain of mine

After a while, my pain  becomes like  some kind of forever friend
And it stays with me where ever I go: it's loyalty to me has no  end
And though there's been so many times that I wished it would  go away
I've come to believe,this pain of mine, is a blessing that's meant to stay.

So I'm going to continue my journey with this  forever friend named pain
Together  we're going to do our best to find the rainbows after the rain
We'll walk about this land of ours with our hearts and heads held high
For we know that we've been paired together to reach  beyond the sky.

Upon reading this poem some  may think: "she's finally lost her mind"
But the reality is quite the opposite: for you see this in every line
There comes a point in all our our lives when we have to accept reality
And make the best with all we have as we inch our way  to Eternity.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moments of prayer

Mysterious moments are emerging today
Each one is whispering: has something to say
Listening intently, the heart has its way
Silence is beautiful: a wonderful display

Words are not needed, when Heaven is near
Stillness and surrender is all I can hear
Serenity is triumphant and captures  my fear
My soul is enveloped by all that is dear.

Quiet, the energy, the movements within
Eternal, the actions, that are about to begin
Close all the shutters, let nothing else in
The Infinite is happy to be with me again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't you know that you are precious?

Don't you know that you are precious, and  that you are sparkling bright as a star
And if someone should decide to slight you they would harm the Creator of who you are
So please remember forever and always that you are  held within a Lasting Embrace
And all those sorrows that are now lingering will disappear within the Eternal Space.

Tiny teardrops so sweetly hidden from all the world that has known your giving touch
Will be gathered by all the angels and carried to the One who loves you so very much
Keep on smiling beyond that nonsense for you are being called to a much greater way
And all that whirlwind of complete confusion will disappear beneath the coming day.

You are worth more than everything that's happening and will come out safe and strong
Nothing can ever succeed in taking what has been in your heart for so very long
So stand your ground and do not waiver trust in the spirit that is dwelling within
For when the darkness is weighing hardest needed respite for your soul will enter in.