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Friday, April 19, 2013

The sound of dawn

A cardinal is singing so early today she is so ready to greet the Sun
The darkness has yet to pass away but her melodies have all begun.
I can also hear the robin's song; for she 's ready to dance and sing
The dawn is about to break through now there's a glow on everything.

The morning star has started to rise:  I can feel her warming glow
As it dances across the universe and touches the beings below
There's hopeful music and dance around, as all creation starts to rise
And responds to the Eternal's gifts around: illuminating earth and skies

Too much wonder we have around to let it all just pass us  by
We need to join the dance of dawn and experiences the robin's cry
This rhythm of the universe can set the tempo for our every day
We have only to take the time to hear;  it will carry us along the way

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