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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The morning found me sleeping

The morning has found me sleeping and has whispered into my ear
It encourages me now to rise up and count all my blessings here
So quietly I begin to stir about and start  moving around the day
While I glimpse outside my front door and see the beautiful way.

The cardinals have finished their singing and the robins are also done
Only a busy woodpecker is interrupting the silence that has begun
The sky has become a bit  crowded because the clouds have gathered round
Yet there are no storms in the forecast; so there'll be no explosive sound.

Every moment of life is a blessing and a gift from the Heavens above
So I try to never forget the One who has been showering me  with such love
I  will  take the time to appreciate and to value the things great and small
Because everything is carrying an imprint of the Eternal  Lover of us all

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