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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The beauty of Spring

Tender flowers are slowly opening; they have slept the winter long.
Now  their colors and their fragrances mix together a beautiful song.
Trees are awakening their own music and are stretching up so high.
Branches, with their leaves so tranquil, will be ready to cool you and I

Spring is present with her colors; she is whispering  a warmer breeze
Winds that chilled us during the winter have took off way beyond the seas
Oh what wonder of all these seasons; everyone of them can be so dear
And if we listen, in the silence; a different melody from each we'll hear.

Tell me, if you have a moment, if  ever you listened to their loving song?
All these seasons, hold a beauty: we can  see and hear it all the day long
Truly blessed and all surrounded by all that the universe can ever give
This, because our God is loving, wanting us to be happy while we live

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