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Monday, April 1, 2013

The beauty of every day

What a wonderful symphony of sound is starting off this waking day
So many different birds are singing in their own most beautiful way
Though they come from different areas and are wearing a different feather
When they all start their singing, they blend so wonderfully  together.

There is so much  beauty un-captured; that can so quickly escape our eyes
If we don't take the time, we're going to miss the  mystery of the dawning skies
The golden rays of the sunshine  as they're dancing quietly through the air
Teach us the warmth of kindness that can be shared almost anywhere

All of creation is forever teaching us and speaking to us in song
It also speaking  to us in whispers that are crying out to us all day long.
If we're missing all of life's masterpieces and  all life's artwork along the way
Perhaps it's because we never really  learned to see the beauty of every day

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