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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storms are necessary

Every day and every minute; every breath you are able to take
Be so grateful and be so thankful: for nothing happens by mistake
You have meaning, your life has purpose: nothing remains a catastrophe
Keep on hoping and keep on dreaming; beautiful things you're about to see

Somtimes it's cloudy and it's stormy, sometimes the sun will seem to hide
But this is needed and so necessary for your true self to come outside
Let the lightning and all the thunder shake the earth and loosen the ground
For once it's finished. all of this movement, countless flowers will be around.

When you're doubting and you're trembling; when you feel you can't go on
Remember that this too shall pass you like the night that gives way to dawn
Without the troubles and the trials without those things that test our soul
We would never know the satisfaction of overcoming all to gain our goal

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