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Monday, April 15, 2013

God has prepared for us this day

Gentle winds are whispering as the dawn is beginning to wake
Tender plants are rising up and their tiny breaths they take
All creation is singing songs that are so unique and truly blessed.
How wonderful it is to awaken and to enter into such rest

The birds are chirping merrily; while all the flowers are hosting bees
Quiet breezes are coming to rest upon the branches of the trees
Fluffy clouds are passing by and leaving their artwork in the sky
What a wonderful vision of unity that creation paints for you and I.

Every morning has new melodies and every second has its own song
If we're willing to be participants the universe will carry us along
Into that realm of that mystery where silence will have its say
And everything is shouting out: "God has prepared for us this day"

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