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Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you have the time?

Listen to that... Can you hear it? It's the silence crying out to you.
It's been pushing through every barrier and whispering through all you do
You don't always have to be doing things and you need not rush around
For the silence is holding the treasures that no one else has ever found..

If you take some of those tender moments and break open those  hands of time
You will find the secret ointment that has been flowing through every rhyme
It's the healing power of stillness and the most amazing flow of grace
That's oozing from every second that has nothing else to invade its space.

Would you be willing to take this journey, would you be able to quiet your will
Would you allow the sweetest of messages to rest inside you, while you're still?
The invitation is always out there, though it may be muffled by so much noise
Entering into your own inner paradise is something you'll need to do by choice.

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