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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Child of the system

I have been floating in the middle I am in between here and there
I am Wondering and I am waiting for someone to really care
With the sunlight I can see them; all the scars they're everywhere
I'm struggling with understanding and I'm gasping for some air.

It shouldn't have to happen that a child should live in  fear
But this had been my story whenever my mom or he was  near
I wish it hadn't happened: that they hadn't abused me so very much
Now I'm trembling whenever it's night time and backing away from touch

I'm waiting for the family who will be taking me into their care
I'm looking forward to my new home and I hope it's wonderful there
I'm so very afraid of so many things I sure hope that they understand
I see them, now; they're coming, they have a welcome sign in hand.

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