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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The morning found me sleeping

The morning has found me sleeping and has whispered into my ear
It encourages me now to rise up and count all my blessings here
So quietly I begin to stir about and start  moving around the day
While I glimpse outside my front door and see the beautiful way.

The cardinals have finished their singing and the robins are also done
Only a busy woodpecker is interrupting the silence that has begun
The sky has become a bit  crowded because the clouds have gathered round
Yet there are no storms in the forecast; so there'll be no explosive sound.

Every moment of life is a blessing and a gift from the Heavens above
So I try to never forget the One who has been showering me  with such love
I  will  take the time to appreciate and to value the things great and small
Because everything is carrying an imprint of the Eternal  Lover of us all

Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you have the time?

Listen to that... Can you hear it? It's the silence crying out to you.
It's been pushing through every barrier and whispering through all you do
You don't always have to be doing things and you need not rush around
For the silence is holding the treasures that no one else has ever found..

If you take some of those tender moments and break open those  hands of time
You will find the secret ointment that has been flowing through every rhyme
It's the healing power of stillness and the most amazing flow of grace
That's oozing from every second that has nothing else to invade its space.

Would you be willing to take this journey, would you be able to quiet your will
Would you allow the sweetest of messages to rest inside you, while you're still?
The invitation is always out there, though it may be muffled by so much noise
Entering into your own inner paradise is something you'll need to do by choice.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The first whispers of the morning

The first whispers of the morning have fallen on my ear
And I rise up to take part in the symphony that I hear
While whistling with the robins and singing with the rest
I join the morning offering and proclaim "I love Him best".

Flowers with their colors and butterflies with their grace
Are dancing to the music that is gracing this whole place
And though I may not be able to put a record to this song
I can benefit from its rythm as the day progresses along.

what a wonderful arrangement I can  wake up to every day
I don't have to plug anything in to hear the music play
But rather I can step outside and attune my listening ear
To hear the wonders of creation  that Eden was first to hear.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

coming out about some of the abuse I knew

This is not going to be too poetic but I will give it an earnest try
As I try to share with my   family why I'm not living so close by
But there is some within our family who molested me as a child
And some who abused me cruelly with beatings that were so wild

I tried forever to pretend that such things were destined to be
But the more I tried to believe that, the greater the wounds in me
I know we're suppose to be forgiving but that doesn't mean unwise
So while I live out my healing I keep way from the incest filled eyes

keep the babies away from Jimmy!!!

We were not created to hate

There are echoes that are sounding out through out all our land
There are spirits of the past who are wanting us to understand
So countless are the  ancients who are wanting us to see
Before we create the regrets that become part of out  history

This world was never created to be dominated by any one
It was created by the Eternal so that His love can touch everyone
We have taken what was a gift and turned it into so much hate
The universe is crying out and shouting that time is getting late.

We need to take a census of all the gifts that we have been given
And stop focusing on the differences that destroy our peaceful living.
We are, all of us, but one family and we should  moderate our way
So that we are not held responsible for the destruction of the day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our guardian angels

Sneaking through the sunlight and riding on the air
Millions of angelic beings are transporting Eternal care
Whispering through the raindrops and falling from the sky
Guardians of our spirits are watching over you and I .

Quietly they are hovering and are bending time and space
To provide us with His messages and keep us in His grace
Speaking ever so quietly and whispering through our pain
Angels bring the sunshine and the rainbows after the rain.

Where ever we may be going and  where ever we may be
We're sure to find  our angels are all aglow with Eternity
Waiting and ever ready;  willing and wanting to give
Our guardian angels help us in the life we're called to live

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Child of the system

I have been floating in the middle I am in between here and there
I am Wondering and I am waiting for someone to really care
With the sunlight I can see them; all the scars they're everywhere
I'm struggling with understanding and I'm gasping for some air.

It shouldn't have to happen that a child should live in  fear
But this had been my story whenever my mom or he was  near
I wish it hadn't happened: that they hadn't abused me so very much
Now I'm trembling whenever it's night time and backing away from touch

I'm waiting for the family who will be taking me into their care
I'm looking forward to my new home and I hope it's wonderful there
I'm so very afraid of so many things I sure hope that they understand
I see them, now; they're coming, they have a welcome sign in hand.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Morning mysteries

There is beauty in your breathing and peace inside your soul
There are echoes in your seeking that originate from your goal
 Nothing can stay forever and yet everything continues to be
Life is a continuous discovery and you complete its mystery.

In the moments that erupt around you to create a beautiful day
Are secrets that are directing you to an endless and everlasting way.
Too great the infinity of treasures to be held by one person alone
So the universe unselfishly shares that which mortals claim as their own.

Look out around you this morning and try seeing what you can see
Listen to the sounds that are about you and hear the sighs of eternity
Nothing should ever escape you except that which isn't able to create
For ours is a lifetime of discovery that leads us to where we originate

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking time to hear

The day is breaking and is touching all
A red bird is singing ; a tree stands tall
All of creation is welcoming the day
Every element has something to say.

See how  the flowers are helping the bees
Hear how the wind is creating the breeze
Consider the harmony of everything out there
The universe has  lessons for all who will care

Will you have any moments: any time to see?
Will you create any space that will set you free
Will you hear in the universe the cry of the earth?
will you allow yourself to experience rebirth?

Friday, April 19, 2013

The sound of dawn

A cardinal is singing so early today she is so ready to greet the Sun
The darkness has yet to pass away but her melodies have all begun.
I can also hear the robin's song; for she 's ready to dance and sing
The dawn is about to break through now there's a glow on everything.

The morning star has started to rise:  I can feel her warming glow
As it dances across the universe and touches the beings below
There's hopeful music and dance around, as all creation starts to rise
And responds to the Eternal's gifts around: illuminating earth and skies

Too much wonder we have around to let it all just pass us  by
We need to join the dance of dawn and experiences the robin's cry
This rhythm of the universe can set the tempo for our every day
We have only to take the time to hear;  it will carry us along the way

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Texan Tragedy

The elements are crying and the wind has begun to sigh
So much awful tragedy leaves one to question why
Another round of heartbreaks  within our American land
Texas holds its wounded and is trying to understand.

Numerous homes are leveled many are left to weep
Some are still unaccounted for, some are buried deep.
We find this all so tragic, and we find it hard to bare
Unexpected explosions are catching so many unaware.

My heart goes out to those affected; I send to you my care
I cannot help but keep a vigil as I'm finding my spirit there
The site's so very horrific and it's leaving me  in a daze
Too many hearts have  been broken by this awful blaze.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The beauty of Spring

Tender flowers are slowly opening; they have slept the winter long.
Now  their colors and their fragrances mix together a beautiful song.
Trees are awakening their own music and are stretching up so high.
Branches, with their leaves so tranquil, will be ready to cool you and I

Spring is present with her colors; she is whispering  a warmer breeze
Winds that chilled us during the winter have took off way beyond the seas
Oh what wonder of all these seasons; everyone of them can be so dear
And if we listen, in the silence; a different melody from each we'll hear.

Tell me, if you have a moment, if  ever you listened to their loving song?
All these seasons, hold a beauty: we can  see and hear it all the day long
Truly blessed and all surrounded by all that the universe can ever give
This, because our God is loving, wanting us to be happy while we live

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yesterday's tragedy

Tears from the Heavens rain from the skies
Yesterday continues, the whole world cries
Heartless and ruthless, disturber of peace
A coward will attack when nobody sees

Picking up the pieces, healing the wounds
Investigators question, searching resumes
Who is the culprit, the robber of  peace
Victims and families are waiting to see

Vigilant and watching and searching around
We will keep on looking until you are  found
Terrible this tragedy, American this  ground:
Karma will find you and victory will sound.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragedy in Boston

All around  the atmosphere
Feelings of confusion and of fear
Something beautiful: torn apart
Shaking the spirit and the heart

Left to wonder, left  to cry
People wounded wondering why
Who's so hateful who's to blame
Tragic occurrence bursting flame

Tearful compassion written out now
For those afflicted or hurt some how
With you weeping, I am there
Feeling the hurts extending my care.

God has prepared for us this day

Gentle winds are whispering as the dawn is beginning to wake
Tender plants are rising up and their tiny breaths they take
All creation is singing songs that are so unique and truly blessed.
How wonderful it is to awaken and to enter into such rest

The birds are chirping merrily; while all the flowers are hosting bees
Quiet breezes are coming to rest upon the branches of the trees
Fluffy clouds are passing by and leaving their artwork in the sky
What a wonderful vision of unity that creation paints for you and I.

Every morning has new melodies and every second has its own song
If we're willing to be participants the universe will carry us along
Into that realm of that mystery where silence will have its say
And everything is shouting out: "God has prepared for us this day"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Get away from the abuse

You have suffered so much and are feeling so low
You are wondering about just where you should go
You're afraid to leave and you are afraid to run
Yet you're needing  to escape from what's being done.

You are feeling unworthy and like no one should care
So you keep putting  up with what is so abusive there
Don't you know you're important; you're valuable too?
You don't have to put up with what's happening to you.

So get out of that abusiveness and get out of there now
Dial up one of your neighbors get help leaving some how
You don't have to be taking  it and you don't have to stay
Trust in your own goodness and get out of there today

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The harmony that is ours

'There is beauty all around us and there is life everywhere
Every moment is about carrying the Infinite One's loving care
All of the universe is just a transit that will end in eternity
Let us make use of every moment and appreciate all we see

We shouldn't ever be so thoughtless in how we'll approach the day
But rather we  should savor everything  that happens along our way
Whether it be the  gentlest flower or the  pouring down of the rain
Everything can lead us quietly to where we want to remain.

If you would listen to the whispering of the leaves inside the wind
They seem to be inviting us gently into a dance they want to begin
How wonderfully all of creation seems to keep us in its harmony
Would that we could continue its rhythm and be all that we should be.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Your wounds are seen....

I feel your loss and I feel your pain
All your brokenness, I can not contain
How moved I am and how hurt inside:
Knowing the things you've had to hide.

You're not unnoticed, your wounds are seen.
It's awful, that someone would treat you mean.
You're not the the wrongdoer; you're not at fault.
All this self hurting now needs to halt.

You are of great value of this I am sure
And, someday, a healing you will secure
Don't give up on the hoping, let go of the whim
That thrust you into places that were dark and dim

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storms are necessary

Every day and every minute; every breath you are able to take
Be so grateful and be so thankful: for nothing happens by mistake
You have meaning, your life has purpose: nothing remains a catastrophe
Keep on hoping and keep on dreaming; beautiful things you're about to see

Somtimes it's cloudy and it's stormy, sometimes the sun will seem to hide
But this is needed and so necessary for your true self to come outside
Let the lightning and all the thunder shake the earth and loosen the ground
For once it's finished. all of this movement, countless flowers will be around.

When you're doubting and you're trembling; when you feel you can't go on
Remember that this too shall pass you like the night that gives way to dawn
Without the troubles and the trials without those things that test our soul
We would never know the satisfaction of overcoming all to gain our goal

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Always at home here

I went outside this morning and spoke with brother sun
Sister moon was waving for her time to watch was done
Birds of every feather and the restless creatures too
Were romping around and playing: its the perfect thing to do

Our quiet breeze was friendly; she was wanting me to fly
The pine trees were so uplifting as they pointed me to the sky
Butterflies were out there fluttering doing what they like to do
Our dearest Spring has come now and her beauty is pure and true.

Each time that I'm around them all the creatures of the earth
They awaken in me such happiness; I experience again rebirth
Watching the lively universe as its breaking in another day
Lifts my heart towards Heaven where I long to live and stay.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More valuable than gold

Good morning dear flowers, dear sunshine, dear sky
I hope you'll accept greetings from someone like I
I hear all of your music: its here in my  heart
I'll treasure it forever: all of this  mystical art.

The birds they are singing and so are the trees
The butterflies are  all dancing and so are the bees
All creation, it' awakening and crying out to me
"Come dance in the moment and love all you see"

There's a beauty so freeing and so touching to see
The universe, she's calling; calling out so peacefully
How beautifully the elements the earth and the sky
create for us the passages that we so often pass by

Monday, April 8, 2013

After all I did for you

I reached out my hand to steady you
I never expected what you would do
What have I done to receive all this
Such treatment is so hard to dismiss

I was your friend; I lent my voice
I didn't have to, no, I had a choice
You stabbed me deeply and left me hurt
Now I'm trembling and feeling like dirt.

Why would you hurt me, the one who cared
I took your part and your burden shared
I cannot grasp it, it's beyond my mind
I'm hoping with time, some healing I'll find

I bid you farewell with my heart in two
I wish you well in whatever you will do
I will carry this memory inside my heart:
I gave you hope but you tore me apart.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Your inner silence

Listen ever so deeply to  the songs that are in your soul
They are echoing the secrets and the directions to your Goal
Silence all those whisperings, all those words you want to say
Just sit in humble silence and let quiet wisdom have her way.

With all the noises around you its so necessary to back away
To gather again your calmness you will be needing a quiet day
Everything cannot keep on going creating that tension all around
There are times when your inner silence is longing to be found.

Whenever you are willing there is so much wisdom to be had
It's not in all the whirlwind or in those feelings that are bad
It's inside that quiet silence that dwells apart from all the rest
Yes within the walls of wisdom you will be treated like a guest.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

So much beauty

I woke up to the sounds of a bird whistling beautifully
The morning was already dancing and there was so much to see
The sky was stretched out nicely and the blue was everywhere
How truly blessed I am to be resting in such Infinite care

There's so much beauty, so much tenderness in everything around
All the universe is alive with a wisdom that's waiting to be found
We are, daily, being invited  into a journey that is taking place
yet we fail to discover the secrets making  up all time and space

We pass by so much wonder and we look beyond what we should see
We fail to hear the whispers of the Universe speaking so mystically
We're caught up in all the nonsense of the temporal and the passing thing.
If only we could begin to value what inspires the morning bird to sing

Friday, April 5, 2013

Early morning storms

The rains had fallen upon me while the storms were shaking my frame
I was trying to stop the raindrops; while I was made to take the blame
Sometimes for doing the right thing and trying to establish the peace
One must bear the brutal words that the another is wanting to release.

There is a brokenness inside me that was so greatly triggered today
And no matter how much I tried to, I could't keep this trigger away
I'm only a struggling human being with all my difficulties like the rest
So I'm going to react to the painful and cry out when put to the test

For those who have seen me struggling and have suffered along with me
I want to say I'm sorry because there are things I wish you wouldn't see
But everything happens for a reason and while today might be my stormy day
Tomorrow may be the one in which I help others to move their clouds away

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Look how far you've come

Reach down into your being and pull up all  that ugly stuff
That keeps dragging you away from feeling that you are enough
You have so much potential and you have overcome so much
Don't let the fear of failing burden you with its awful touch

Just think of where you have been and where you are right now
You never thought you'd make it; yet, here you are some how
It's amazing what you've accomplished and wonderful what you do
Don't let another's comments ever rob this victory from you.

Each day you are getting better and each day is a bit more bright.
The things that once held you down can no longer block your light
You're finding those things once lost and others can't knock you down
Just look at who you've become and all of your progress all around.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just a gentle creature from the earth

This is who I am, a gentle creature from the earth
Struggling I go forward while in a constant rebirth
If you would be my friend and walk here by my side
You won't try to change me into someone you are inside

There are so many avenues; so many places to explore
When we come together we can search for things galore
Like where the morning breezes go once they have begun
And listen as the flowers sing beneath the glowing sun

We can try to catch the butterflies, and look up at the sky
We can ponder all the universe and the creatures passing by
Together we can discover things that others simply don't
Because we will allow ourselves to be like others simply wont

Like the gently falling rain we will fall where ever we will
And rise up like the vapors creating clouds that cool the hill
We'll tune ourselves to everything and unite ourselves to all
This is how our friendship will  be if you would  choose to call.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Turning my gaze to better things

The night was so long and the burdens so deep
I tossed and I turned and I couldn't find sleep
Worries and disappointments were ever so near
If only they'd stop and things were more clear

The day caught me tired and needing some rest
But the morning dove cooing told  me I'm blest
And despite all of my heartaches and all of my fear
I know Someone's  watching and holding me near

Though I cannot erase them: these worries inside
I'm always  to refocus and see the beauty outside
For there's something relaxing when I look out to see
All the blessings of creation that is all around me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The beauty of every day

What a wonderful symphony of sound is starting off this waking day
So many different birds are singing in their own most beautiful way
Though they come from different areas and are wearing a different feather
When they all start their singing, they blend so wonderfully  together.

There is so much  beauty un-captured; that can so quickly escape our eyes
If we don't take the time, we're going to miss the  mystery of the dawning skies
The golden rays of the sunshine  as they're dancing quietly through the air
Teach us the warmth of kindness that can be shared almost anywhere

All of creation is forever teaching us and speaking to us in song
It also speaking  to us in whispers that are crying out to us all day long.
If we're missing all of life's masterpieces and  all life's artwork along the way
Perhaps it's because we never really  learned to see the beauty of every day