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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Your tears are still resting there

Your tears are still resting there on the floor where they just fell
I know things have been trying for you and you haven't  been feeling well
But you must know that all these storms which are shaking you up right now
Won't always be lingering with you for this is not something God would allow

The pains that are now paining you and now crippling up your poor heart
Are just a temporary happening though you wish they would all just depart
Sometimes the things in our life that we're the least able to understand
Are carving out the tools we'll use when another is needing a hand.

So cry now all of those teardrops and let out all of  your terrible pain
For it's healthy for you to do so, so that nothing toxic is able to remain
You are a precious person despite everything you've  been going through
Remember that without those raindrops there could never be anything new.

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