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Thursday, March 21, 2013

You can let those teardrops fall

I know that you are struggling and are finding it hard to cope
And everything that you've been through seems to say to you "no hope"
But you are a precious being and are needing some healing space
Take whatever time  you're  needing and restore that heart in place

Though you trying very hard now to not  let those teardrops fall
I can sense that the burden's heavy; and so:  release them one and all
For every droplet has a heartache and every teardrop a toxic release
Do not deny yourself the healing that a good crying can always increase

Now that those droplets have fallen  out from deep inside your eyes
I'm sure you're feeling a little better and are seeing much bluer skies
For the troubles, though still present, are  affecting you a little less
And crying is what God gave us to  help us cope with our brokenness.

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