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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What are we doing?

Oh dear mother of all of creation, how your weeping touches my poor heart
I know you're crying because your children fight and tear the earth apart
We waste and war and fight and hate; and shake the goodness from the sky
Mountains fall and oceans rage; stars are falling and we're wondering why.

All of us were made for loving and all of creation is our family and kin
So why do we go about destroying what wasn't mean to take such hatred in
We are the ones who nurture the negative; we, the ones who turn away love
Then we wonder why the earth is trembling, why the stars are falling from above.

So will  we stop to listen deeply to the whimpering sounds of  our mother earth
Or will we continue to hurt and injure the one who feeds and has given us birth.
The time is dwindling away like an ember that's slowly losing all of its heat within
If we don't return to all the loving: the earth, we know, will shake again and again.

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