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Thursday, March 7, 2013

This illness

This illness has lingered forever and I do not always feel okay
All of my wounds are so deeply hidden, yet they show up every day
I wish I was able to explain it; so that others could understand
But I'm not even able to grasp it; this illness was never planned

Sometimes I'm feeling so abandoned  so alone in my brokenness
That I feel like I'm being held inside of some vast sea of awkwardness
Though some have been so quick to judge me leaving me full of tears
I've not been been able to let out what has pained me for so many years.

The temptation for me is to simply wallow, immersed in all of my pain
But this can never be a good remedy for in such a way I cannot remain
For I'm needing a life of positivity that can pick up the broken in me
I'm needing to  reach all of my potential: I'm needing some therapy.

So I'll try to shake off all the stigma this disease has left on me
I'll work as hard as I am able  to become the best I can possibly be
I may not be able to undo every symptom that is still lurking inside
But I can  still make the best of every moment and shine my light outside.

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