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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The beauty of those raindrops

There is beauty in the raindrops that are falling to the earth
Refreshing her and nourishing her so that she can give new birth
Sparkling like some diamonds that are falling from the sky above
These droplets are tiny treasures with enormous amounts of love

The sound of the falling raindrops are sweetly echoing all around
While they're touching every creature with their rhythm and their sound
Landing ever so gently with all  of her soothing touch of grace
Rain is that needed refreshment that transforms both time and place

Storms can always be scary when the noisiness starts to sound
But no one remembers their fear when the blossoms are all around
For the shaking of the earth and the watering of all the plants
Gives creation her extra beauty and her creatures a touching glance.

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