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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm still struggling to make some sense of all the nonsense of the day
I am left speechless and I'm stumbling over things that are in my way
I can't seem to comprehend it: that these flashbacks keep on happening
I'm a prisoner to this madness that has wounded me with all its sting.

If I'm absent from the present it's because the past is on my mind
And though I've fought it all   bravely these memories keep  me so confined
Sometimes I think I've overcome them but then again they come back to me
Such is how it is for the one who is dealing with  all of this ptsd.

I must thank you for all your patience and for your most tender dealing with me
For though I have been so abbrasive you keep on helping me so faithfully
It certainly hasn't been a bed of roses and it hasn't been an uneventful ride
But I thank you so very kindly for your willingness to be with me: by my side.

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