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Sunday, March 17, 2013

May your worries disappear

You have worries and concerns over things that frighten you
You are not sure or are not certain of what there's left to do
I can feel your inner struggling: the pain that's deep within
If only I could assure you that something new's about to begin

Yes, I know that life's uncertain: that paths can twist and turn
And though there may be sorrows; from everything we can learn
I will always be here for you in everything you're going through
And if you're needing someone; I'll free up some time for you.

I write this for you dear one trying to bring a smile to your face
I writing with my every emotion and with a love no one can replace
You are to me so truly special and it pains me so much to see
That you are struggling at this moment:  may you become happy

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