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Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm not made out of stone

I am a human being. I've got feelings. I'm made of flesh and bone
I'm not an object, an occupation, or a statue made out of stone
Please be gentler and please be kinder; for you really cannot see
All that has happened in my lifetime; what has made me out to be me

You speak so harshly and so quickly; you don't think of what you say
Your words fall deeply and so cruelly; like a knife they're cutting away
Must I be silent and never open;  must I keep hidden inside my self?
Like a book that once was purchased, now put away upon some shelf?

I'm still broken and needing healing, please don't be judging me today
My wounds are still open and still mending and that is all that I can say
I wish I were stronger and  much more bolder but I'm not really able to be
I take each moment and every second like a leap into some big healing sea

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