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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am your spirit's healer

There is an awful feeling when you realize that you've  been had
When the deal you thought you were getting turns out to be really bad
Broken in all of your spirit you start to scramble for something real
Oh, my dear and wounded person: come  away and start to heal.

I watched you as you were struggling  with all the disappointing news
You were trying to be so brave with the decisions   you didn't choose.
Right now, you're feeling slighted because of where you've had to be
But do not give up hope; for a new direction will come, you'll see.

I will listen to all of your heartaches and I'll let you cry all of your tears
I won't look at the time it'll cost me or belittle any one of your  fears
I'll be here for you always and  you'll be for me more than : just a friend
For I am your spirit's healer and I'll  be with you forever, without end.

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