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Monday, March 25, 2013

How we mold our children

There were teardrops on her cheeks and sorrows in her heart
As they took her from her home and broke her family apart
That's  how it all seemed to the little girl who was only six
she couldn't understand why they ignored her screams and kicks.

She was a battered little girl with so  many bruises all over her face
She held so many heartaches so many hurts that would not erase
Yet she loved her mommy so she thought she was the best around
Though she suffered every night and was always limp upon the ground.

The little ones growing up don't know anything but what is there
If they grow up being hated they'll never seek for any more care
They're like little pieces of clay that the Almighty has lowered down
How sad it is to see how so many parents push their clay around.

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