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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can you see the beauty?

Oh the beauty of all our being and the beauty that's all around
Everything is a masterpiece and in everything God is found
So much sweetness,so much wonder, so much awesomeness everywhere
We're the recipients of many blessings which God has chosen to share

Everything that is around us yes everything that is everywhere
Echoes to us God's goodness and shows us His loving care
It is ours to take the moments and it is ours to make the time
To discover all that is so beautiful and to see what creates a rhyme.

If we haven't seen the beauty and if we haven't discovered God's love
It isn't because it isn't present or that it hasn't been given from above
But that we have been too busy or that we haven't been looking at all
For God is everywhere present and is ever gracing the great and the small

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