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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All around us

Opening up the morning the sun is brightening up the sky
And with its warmth and radiance reaches out to you and I
The beauty of all its sparkle as it is shining so high above
Tells us that we are the recipients of an ever undying love

The soothing song of the sparrow touches listeners all around
Sweet is the cheerful melody that is just waiting to be found
Singing of their happiness and of the awesomeness of the day
Little birds keep on serenading those who pass along their way.

Isn't it so very wonderful how  the whole universe starts to sing
And isn't it even more glorious how God speaks through everything
Echoing from the great mountains and whispering through the breeze
The Almighty can be heard in the raindrops and in the majestic seas.

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