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Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Easter

The flowers are dancing while the showers remain
The birds are making music to the rhythm of rain
Easter has come  and we celebrate it each year
Recalling  the story of a  Resurrection most dear.

Children with their candy and their faces aglow
Radiate a happiness that we wish we could know
But it is the same happiness that we link to the day
When Jesus arose and pushed the great stone away

We can all enjoy this  Easter like the children we know
For Easter is for everyone and gives everyone a glow
We don't have to be gloomy or wear a long face
For Jesus has Risen and is arranging us all a place

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am your spirit's healer

There is an awful feeling when you realize that you've  been had
When the deal you thought you were getting turns out to be really bad
Broken in all of your spirit you start to scramble for something real
Oh, my dear and wounded person: come  away and start to heal.

I watched you as you were struggling  with all the disappointing news
You were trying to be so brave with the decisions   you didn't choose.
Right now, you're feeling slighted because of where you've had to be
But do not give up hope; for a new direction will come, you'll see.

I will listen to all of your heartaches and I'll let you cry all of your tears
I won't look at the time it'll cost me or belittle any one of your  fears
I'll be here for you always and  you'll be for me more than : just a friend
For I am your spirit's healer and I'll  be with you forever, without end.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Everywhere we look

The birds are all so happy and the sky is ever so blue
The breeze is out there whispering the Eternal "I love you"
Every creature and every element everything that there can be
Is dancing and making their music for the Keeper of Eternity

The trees are all so beautiful; and the flowers, they start to grow
Creation's reflecting the mystery that we all should really know
So much is out there waiting for us while each new morning starts
We have to make some moments if this beauty would enter our hearts

No matter where we might find ourselves: no matter the time of day
There is always something beautiful to be discovered along the way
We are all part of this great masterpiece that's be recreated anew.
Each day's a new beginning to see the world and all that's true

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Your tears are still resting there

Your tears are still resting there on the floor where they just fell
I know things have been trying for you and you haven't  been feeling well
But you must know that all these storms which are shaking you up right now
Won't always be lingering with you for this is not something God would allow

The pains that are now paining you and now crippling up your poor heart
Are just a temporary happening though you wish they would all just depart
Sometimes the things in our life that we're the least able to understand
Are carving out the tools we'll use when another is needing a hand.

So cry now all of those teardrops and let out all of  your terrible pain
For it's healthy for you to do so, so that nothing toxic is able to remain
You are a precious person despite everything you've  been going through
Remember that without those raindrops there could never be anything new.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm still struggling to make some sense of all the nonsense of the day
I am left speechless and I'm stumbling over things that are in my way
I can't seem to comprehend it: that these flashbacks keep on happening
I'm a prisoner to this madness that has wounded me with all its sting.

If I'm absent from the present it's because the past is on my mind
And though I've fought it all   bravely these memories keep  me so confined
Sometimes I think I've overcome them but then again they come back to me
Such is how it is for the one who is dealing with  all of this ptsd.

I must thank you for all your patience and for your most tender dealing with me
For though I have been so abbrasive you keep on helping me so faithfully
It certainly hasn't been a bed of roses and it hasn't been an uneventful ride
But I thank you so very kindly for your willingness to be with me: by my side.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Before all the birds sing

Before all the birds sing and the sun lights up the sky
The Angels start to sing so that they can waken you and I
In the softness and the sweetness in a melody one can hear
The guardians from the Heavens are singing "Dawn is near"

Like the lightning, that is so speedy, these beings flash around
And though they're ever present, no trace of them can be found
Angelic in all of their actions and so protective in all their ways
Angels are those spirits that keep watch over all our days.

Sometimes we're able to feel them if we're really calm and still
At other times we sense them as they're whispering to our will
Always we can know them if we would make for them some space
Our angels are always willing to be the sweet messengers of grace

Monday, March 25, 2013

How we mold our children

There were teardrops on her cheeks and sorrows in her heart
As they took her from her home and broke her family apart
That's  how it all seemed to the little girl who was only six
she couldn't understand why they ignored her screams and kicks.

She was a battered little girl with so  many bruises all over her face
She held so many heartaches so many hurts that would not erase
Yet she loved her mommy so she thought she was the best around
Though she suffered every night and was always limp upon the ground.

The little ones growing up don't know anything but what is there
If they grow up being hated they'll never seek for any more care
They're like little pieces of clay that the Almighty has lowered down
How sad it is to see how so many parents push their clay around.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can you see the beauty?

Oh the beauty of all our being and the beauty that's all around
Everything is a masterpiece and in everything God is found
So much sweetness,so much wonder, so much awesomeness everywhere
We're the recipients of many blessings which God has chosen to share

Everything that is around us yes everything that is everywhere
Echoes to us God's goodness and shows us His loving care
It is ours to take the moments and it is ours to make the time
To discover all that is so beautiful and to see what creates a rhyme.

If we haven't seen the beauty and if we haven't discovered God's love
It isn't because it isn't present or that it hasn't been given from above
But that we have been too busy or that we haven't been looking at all
For God is everywhere present and is ever gracing the great and the small

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What are we doing?

Oh dear mother of all of creation, how your weeping touches my poor heart
I know you're crying because your children fight and tear the earth apart
We waste and war and fight and hate; and shake the goodness from the sky
Mountains fall and oceans rage; stars are falling and we're wondering why.

All of us were made for loving and all of creation is our family and kin
So why do we go about destroying what wasn't mean to take such hatred in
We are the ones who nurture the negative; we, the ones who turn away love
Then we wonder why the earth is trembling, why the stars are falling from above.

So will  we stop to listen deeply to the whimpering sounds of  our mother earth
Or will we continue to hurt and injure the one who feeds and has given us birth.
The time is dwindling away like an ember that's slowly losing all of its heat within
If we don't return to all the loving: the earth, we know, will shake again and again.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wakened by the Dawn

When I'm opening up my door to breathe in some morning air
I can hear a million birds singing away with gentlest care
Wonderful sounds of springtime in such a perfect symphany
What a blessing to be living and to be hearing such mystery

Though my night had been a struggle and my throat is very sore
Mother nature has great healing and so much tenderness in store
She breaks out into a melody through every creature that's around
And pours out her healing ointment through the early morning's sound.

You wouldn't want to miss it this great orchestra of the dawn
Because there so much melody  so much that is quickly gone
While rising up from their slumber every creature starts to sing
And the universe becomes enlivened by the sounds of everything

Thursday, March 21, 2013

You can let those teardrops fall

I know that you are struggling and are finding it hard to cope
And everything that you've been through seems to say to you "no hope"
But you are a precious being and are needing some healing space
Take whatever time  you're  needing and restore that heart in place

Though you trying very hard now to not  let those teardrops fall
I can sense that the burden's heavy; and so:  release them one and all
For every droplet has a heartache and every teardrop a toxic release
Do not deny yourself the healing that a good crying can always increase

Now that those droplets have fallen  out from deep inside your eyes
I'm sure you're feeling a little better and are seeing much bluer skies
For the troubles, though still present, are  affecting you a little less
And crying is what God gave us to  help us cope with our brokenness.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The beauty of those raindrops

There is beauty in the raindrops that are falling to the earth
Refreshing her and nourishing her so that she can give new birth
Sparkling like some diamonds that are falling from the sky above
These droplets are tiny treasures with enormous amounts of love

The sound of the falling raindrops are sweetly echoing all around
While they're touching every creature with their rhythm and their sound
Landing ever so gently with all  of her soothing touch of grace
Rain is that needed refreshment that transforms both time and place

Storms can always be scary when the noisiness starts to sound
But no one remembers their fear when the blossoms are all around
For the shaking of the earth and the watering of all the plants
Gives creation her extra beauty and her creatures a touching glance.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seasonal Blessings

The Spring with all her beauty is appearing along the way
With her colors and her fragrances she has so much to say
The sounds of so many birds are echoing throughout the day
What a wonderful transformation and what a wonderful array

With so much beauty all around us its so hard to stay inside
There are flowers and brand new creatures coming to life outside.
sweet aromas of the season are in the breezes that softly blow
Melodious songs keep rising up as the universe starts to grow

How truly blessed we are with so many signs of lasting love
The Almighty is sharing his greatness from way up there above
Never stopping His graces; He surrounds us with His infinity
And insure that we have happiness where ever we happen to be

Monday, March 18, 2013

Morning Masterpiece

The darkness is now fading and there is a distant glow
The universe is waking and the light begins to flow
So much beauty all around us; so much wonder for us to see
If we just open up our eyes we can discover mystery

Can you hear it all the music each morniing  you awake
Can you see it out your window; you know it's  no mistake
A masterpiece is awaiting us with a comfort for  our eyes
The universe is inviting us to some place beyond the skies

Have you moments every morning just to open up your mind
Will you gaze about the universe and see what you could find
Every creature and every mountain, every plant and every hill
Is calling out to us each moment to a serenity that is real

Sunday, March 17, 2013

May your worries disappear

You have worries and concerns over things that frighten you
You are not sure or are not certain of what there's left to do
I can feel your inner struggling: the pain that's deep within
If only I could assure you that something new's about to begin

Yes, I know that life's uncertain: that paths can twist and turn
And though there may be sorrows; from everything we can learn
I will always be here for you in everything you're going through
And if you're needing someone; I'll free up some time for you.

I write this for you dear one trying to bring a smile to your face
I writing with my every emotion and with a love no one can replace
You are to me so truly special and it pains me so much to see
That you are struggling at this moment:  may you become happy

Saturday, March 16, 2013

You're home now

You're trembling at the moment unsure of what to do
Too long you have been hiding it's okay now to be you
Let out all of your feelings and let out all of your pain
Let out everything inside you so that only you remain

There's no more need for hiding or for anything unreal
Before the Great Almighty your acceptance will be real
Put aside those apprehensions those worries one and all
Inside the Great Forever there is never a great or small.

For everyone finds a welcome and everyone will be free
Inside the Embrace Eternal everyone is welcomed to be
So let go all your assumptions and let go of every fear
Be free inside this Homeland where Angels are ever near

Friday, March 15, 2013

Without words

No poetry ever came forth from my spirit on this morn
For I was so terribly troubled and my heart was a bit torn
So I backed away in my silence and searched for inner peace
I inhaled all of life's goodness and the toxins I released

The universe was so generous in its aide towards me
While the stillness and the calm gave me all my serentiy
so quietly and  so calmly; I  ascended without a noise
And listened with great eagerness to the Eternal Spirit's Voice

Now I'm in my safeplace where there is no form of fuss
Resting inside of the bosom of the One who created us
Without any movement or suggestions I sit beneath the gaze
Of the Omnipotent and the Eternal the Giver of all our days

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Precious moments

How tender are the moments that are awaiting our reply
Will we accept these invitations or let them pass us by
We have before us always these sweet messengers of grace
They come to us inviting us let the miracles have a place

Every moment is a memory just waiting to have a chance
We can choose to give it beauty or the ability to dance
We have so  many seconds and so many minutes in our day
What will we do with time while it's slowly ticking away?

How blessed we are to have freedom and the ability to be
How wonderful to have creation and so much beauty to see
How wonderful to be breathing; to have life inside us all
Every moment is a vessel that carries the Almighty's call

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All around us

Opening up the morning the sun is brightening up the sky
And with its warmth and radiance reaches out to you and I
The beauty of all its sparkle as it is shining so high above
Tells us that we are the recipients of an ever undying love

The soothing song of the sparrow touches listeners all around
Sweet is the cheerful melody that is just waiting to be found
Singing of their happiness and of the awesomeness of the day
Little birds keep on serenading those who pass along their way.

Isn't it so very wonderful how  the whole universe starts to sing
And isn't it even more glorious how God speaks through everything
Echoing from the great mountains and whispering through the breeze
The Almighty can be heard in the raindrops and in the majestic seas.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This sorrow that you feel

I am feeling all the anguish that you are having to feel right now
And am wishing I could take it all away or lessen it all some how
But I'm  not able to even begin to change it or make it all go away
How awful I'm feeling knowing that you are having this sorrow today

I know that what has been done to you has been so terribly wrong
And that you have been suffering from all of this for way too long
If I  could just reach out to you and take some of it away from you
I would do so in a heartbeat for I'm willing to do whatever I can do

Please know that you are not alone in all that you have come to know
Some day this hurt and sorrow will be transformed into a heart aglow
For happiness will take over and you will be feeling so different inside
Your destiny is not this hurt but an oasis of hope where you can abide

Monday, March 11, 2013

In your illness

As you are trying to heal now; may the universe whisper to you 
And may the touch of  nature escort all the better feelings through
Sometimes we are needing a respite after a time of inner stress
I pray that the healing Angel will touch the hurts you must suppress

I know  that your pain is constant and that there's never enough relief

And that sometimes you're feeling so badly that you're shaken up in your belief
Just know that someone is feeling it with you; every element of your pain
I will stay  with you in your spirit until the worst of it starts to wain

I hope you're feeling better now that you know there's someone to care

And that you can feel within you all the angels who are  everywhere
You're never alone in  your sufferings, no you're never alone at all
You're help is just within you for the angels are awaiting your call.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

There is music all around

Chirping away and singing, the robin readies for her day
The  bluejays and the cardinals also sweeten up the way
Every flying creature and all that walks or sits around
Can greet the early morning with an ever joyful sound.

Quietly touching the universe and rousing up the trees
An ever faithful friend is whispering through the breeze
Stronger winds are moving through,lifting things above
Encouraging every creature while singing that God is love

Every moment has a melody: every second something sweet
If we take some time now we might be able to catch the beat
For the universe is a symphony and everything has a part
We have only to listen carefully then let our own music start

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A little "TLC" please

.I am broken and I am worn out, I'm overcome by all this disease
A little patience, a little kindness and perhaps a little "TLC"
I know you cannot understand it:  all the symptoms that I must bear;
But, if you would want to help me; please show me some gentle care.

For a long time I've been troubled, by the memories so deep inside
Sometimes they'll  come out gently; but, most times like a raging tide
So much anguish, so much terror,  so much disruption is inside  me
Please don't judge me or condemn me or try to tell me how I should be

Unless you've been given vision and know the pain that  I must know
Do not question me; do not nag me or keep on asking: why I heal so slow
I know I may seem  rebellious; like I'm  not trying quite hard enough
But if you  saw inside my suffering; I wonder if, then, you'd be so tough..

The beauty of the universe

The sun is dancing on the window and beckoning me to arise
The wind is whispering through the sunlight shining in the skies
Trees are reaching up most serenely and all the plants are too
So much beauty and so much wonder is crying out to me and you.

Warming breezes are moving in as the cooler ones start to leave
Robins peck the softening ground to see what they can retrieve
All creation is busy doing things that creatures likes to do
What a wonderful array of hope outstretched before me and you

Can you hear the sounds of nature as she's opening up her door
Magnificent sounds of serenity are inviting us out for more
The universe is a peaceful place where graces are sprouting anew
If only we could rest each day within this arena before me and you

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting through the challenges

Today's a hard day yet there are so many things that I am needing to do
So I'll have to push aside the worries until this day is finally through
Some days are challenging but we have to trust in all that we're made of
For the Almighty is watching over us and is holding us in all of His love.

I don't trust in my own impulses my own tendencies tend to be led by fear
So I am calling on the angels to help me as I am doing all of my duties here
Please Heavenly beings give me strength to do everything I must in a Godly way
Let nothing I do now  be displeasing to my Heavenly Father in this day.

Already I am feeling it, all the graces  coming to me  from the Eternal One
And somehow I know things will work out yes everything will all get done
I'm  so ashamed of all my trembling before these challenges that are appearing
But am consoled to know that with God's grace they're finally all disappearing

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This illness

This illness has lingered forever and I do not always feel okay
All of my wounds are so deeply hidden, yet they show up every day
I wish I was able to explain it; so that others could understand
But I'm not even able to grasp it; this illness was never planned

Sometimes I'm feeling so abandoned  so alone in my brokenness
That I feel like I'm being held inside of some vast sea of awkwardness
Though some have been so quick to judge me leaving me full of tears
I've not been been able to let out what has pained me for so many years.

The temptation for me is to simply wallow, immersed in all of my pain
But this can never be a good remedy for in such a way I cannot remain
For I'm needing a life of positivity that can pick up the broken in me
I'm needing to  reach all of my potential: I'm needing some therapy.

So I'll try to shake off all the stigma this disease has left on me
I'll work as hard as I am able  to become the best I can possibly be
I may not be able to undo every symptom that is still lurking inside
But I can  still make the best of every moment and shine my light outside.

Someday your sky will light up

I know that you've been crying and the night has been long
It hurts me very deeply that someone has done you wrong
I wish that I could erase it all; every hurt you feel inside
But I'm only able to offer this soul where you can confide.

Someday your sky will light up with great rainbows everywhere
And you'll forget those awful people who hurt you without care
You have so much potential and so much beauty deep within
Let me help you as you'r waiting for your new day to begin.

I'll hand you all the kleenex you need for all those tears
And let you cry out everything you held in for so many years
Cleansing out your soul from every hurt that's deep within
Will enable you to get ready for the new life soon to begin

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real friends understand

When you feel like you can't explain how you're hurting deep inside
And everyone keeps on urging you to move past the pain  you hide
When nothing seems to soothe you and everything seems to be a pain
Remember that you are special and these sorrows will not remain.

Sometimes the world can be so heartless in what it chooses to  say
And though a person may be needy there are many who'll look away
Too busy with all their doings and things they've become tangled in
Many will have their excuses ready when the cries for help begin.

Not everyone is so heartless or so blinded by the whirl of wind
There are always some loving souls who'll be willing to let you in
Don't let "the others" stop you when your tears are needing to fall
A real friend will let you weep and won't ever ridicule you for it at all.

Little blessings all around

Little blessings are all around
If we look they're easily found
Chirpring early or crawling in mud
Walking lightly or making a thud

Creating echos with God's love
Everything comes from God above:
Tiny creatures or enormous snakes
Whatever whispers or greatly shakes

Life's a blessing we should share
It shouts, it whispers everywhere
Sometimes vibrant, sometimes still
It leads us gently moves our will.

If we're doubtful and full of gloom
We need to step outside our room
See the beauty it's all around
Life's a blessing we've already found

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'll dry those tears

Tender teardrops upon your face
Tell of hurts that you can't erase
Should I sit  here for awhile?
Take your hand and help you smile?

What's the best thing I can do
whatever it is I'll do for you.
I know you're suffering more today
I'll sit with you till it goes away

I'll be your friend until the end
Upon my loyalty you can depend
Whatever it is you're looking for
I'll bring you that and so much more

Your tiny teardrops are drying quick
Glad these words have done the trick
Seeing you crying can tear me apart
But when you smile it warms my heart.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm not made out of stone

I am a human being. I've got feelings. I'm made of flesh and bone
I'm not an object, an occupation, or a statue made out of stone
Please be gentler and please be kinder; for you really cannot see
All that has happened in my lifetime; what has made me out to be me

You speak so harshly and so quickly; you don't think of what you say
Your words fall deeply and so cruelly; like a knife they're cutting away
Must I be silent and never open;  must I keep hidden inside my self?
Like a book that once was purchased, now put away upon some shelf?

I'm still broken and needing healing, please don't be judging me today
My wounds are still open and still mending and that is all that I can say
I wish I were stronger and  much more bolder but I'm not really able to be
I take each moment and every second like a leap into some big healing sea

Spring is coming

Warming rays of sunshine dance across my window sill
But colder winds of winter still have orders to fulfill
The chilly breezes are blowing yet another time today
Soon it will be spring time and the cold will go away.

Already up so early the robin has sung her cheerful song
Clouds have moved away and a blue sky stretches out long
Accompanying all the chill of the seasonal temperature
The beauty of the sunshine is a welcome sight for sure

A few more days of winter and sister spring will be right here
With all her beautiful colors and cheerful sounds that are so clear
She'll  incense all of the horizon with her flowery scents galore
And trade off the winds of winter for her warmer repertoire

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beneath the clouds

 Draped across the awakening sky are countless clouds galore
Telling us that the day will open with rain or something more
Though the sun is snuggly hidden beneath the grayness all around
We know it's present and ever ready: it's glowing light is found.

Chilly winds are slowly waking and whispering to the passerby
While wintery breezes stop to touch us, frosty gusts greet you and I
One more showing from the winter, before the seasonal Spring awakes
Tells us there is beauty around us: a searching spirit is what it takes

God is present in every creature and in all of the universe around
Imprints of the Great Eternal are always echoing in what is found.
Despite the coldness of the season and the dreariness of the day
Beauty can be found awaiting, whispering in secrets along the way

Saturday, March 2, 2013

In the stillness of the night

Soothing sounds of nightly silence are whispering to the tiring mind
Suggesting that the tranquil stillness has the peace one needs to find
Away from all the busy whirlwinds and away from all the daily routine
Comes the softening sounds of  silence with all its wisdom crystalline

Angel wings are heard to flutter within the stillness of the night
And though around us darkness settles; all these beings bring us light
Not like that which will come from seeing,  in the brightness of the day
But like that which is Eternal; the Angel hosts will brighten the  way.

Readying now for that nocturnal silence before the nightly sleep takes place
Ponder awhile within your stillness. Let all that is  beautiful give  you grace
For within the peaceful arms of Gabriel, Heaven's angel of the approaching day
You will hear of the secret treasures that are waiting for you along life's way.

Tiny Treasures

Tiny treasures all around us they are there for you and me
If we have the time to find them, we will capture life's mystery
Tiny seedlings, spry and ready, stretching out from earth to sky
Teach us trust and deep surrender: Someone Greater holds you and I

Chirping birds so bright and early, singing out their joyful praise
They are echoing with all creation: "Thank you Lord for all our days"
Seas and rivers,  flowing freely, swishing through the thirsty ground
Tell us that we're never needy restful peace can always be found.

Different seasons of the calendar with their colors here and there
Tell us God is quite artistic and from His Gifts we always share
Beauty, blessings, love and kindness all that earth has to show
Are but glimpse of the Eternal the more we search the more we'll know

Friday, March 1, 2013

All these pieces of brokenness

So Many People Needing Us..Are We Seeing Them, Hearing Them, Helping Them?

Can you help me? I am so overwhelmed by all of these pieces of my brokenness
These thoughts and feelings have plunged me into a sea of utter hopelessness
I'm counting on you to help me make it through this period of time so tortuous
Please forgive me if I am being way too frank and unrestrained in my openness.

I know that it would be so much better if I could be uttering words of hopefulness
And if I could be resting inside some  state of peace and constant cheerfulness
But the  fact is I've been crushed so many times by people who mirror lawlessness
And am needing your time and your help in overcoming all of this with resourcefulness

I would be so grateful to you for whatever you can do to help me with my awkwardness
I know that with your insight and guidance I can become more receptive to inner hopefulness
Please know I don't desire to remain here forever with all of these feelings so dolorous
But rather I would like to arrive at a place of peace and constant joy and happiness.