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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You never knew me...

When you think of all the time we spent living side by side
you would think somehow you'd know how many times I cried
But you were completely clueless and so oblivious to my pain
That you failed to understand how much I sacrificed to remain

And when the pain became unbearable too much for me to hide
I planned for my departure while I nursed my wounds inside
No one ever really realized the trauma I had been through
For I kept my secrets hidden and even hid them all from you.

People round me thought me to be lucky and so very very blessed
Yet, they never knew of my sufferings or of my brokenness
Rather they thought me to be happy and so very full of love
While all the time I'd been praying for some guidance from Above.

I wished I could have told you sooner and shared with you my pain
But I loved you too much to tell you and chose rather to abstain
For you  were thinking that I was so selfish and never caring at all
But caring was all I ever did do since I was a child so small..

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