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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wounds that don't go away

The sting of every one of your words are still piercing to my heart
And because of this I  hold  a wound that wont ever more depart
A portion of  me seems like it's dying and yet I'm still alive
You continue on in your carelessness and I struggle to survive.

My face is dampened daily by tears that I have had to freely shed
I look inside the mirror and see someone I've learned to dread
You've taken away my dignity and the confidence I should have had
No one ever seems to stop your nonsense: despite you being so bad

I hope one day to recover enough that I'll no longer have to see
Your awfulness and hatefulness parading across my memory
Until then I'll keep on struggling with the wound I got from you:
I hope someday you'll see  yourself  and change the things you do.

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