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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whatsoever you do to the least

(matthew 25:40)

I didn't come here seeking for any of your hidden treasure
My heart has always been open to everyone without measure
yet there has been a few who have greatly misjudged me so
Making me out to be somebody I couldn't even begin to know

Yes I'm a fragile being seeking respite for just a  while
A kindly word would do me and perhaps  a tiny little smile
Not asking much from you but a simple how do you do
This is all I'm really needing whenever I am passing through.

Have you even noticed me on your streets as you were walking today
I'm that person you may have glared at before you walked away
DOn't you know that I have feelings and needs just like you do
Would acknowledging me be too much to have ever asked of you

I might be the homeless one struggling or someone who's needing care
Would you take the time to discover Me as I 'm walking everywhere.
I've come to you disguised in so many people that you have met today
Would you have responded differently knowing it was Me all along the way?

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