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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Someone's birthday today

Today there is a great celebration in the heavenly portals above
For we're calling to mind a person  sent to earth with care and love
Angels are dancing with reverence and are inviting everyone to sing
Birthday blessings,  love and honor for you, sweet jewel of the King.

With great wisdom and discernment God Almighty sent you, my dear
Without hesitating for even a moment;  with one Breath He sent you here
You have been a light for so many and have given of yourself so much
Your presence and all of your kindness have graced all with your touch

Hoping that this day will be one of  happiness and one of love sincere
You are such a very special person  and treasured by this writer here.
If I could  find a million lyrics and  if a million words could be found
They'd  fail to capture the beauty that you share whenever you're around.

Happy Birthday..may it be a truly blessed day...thanks for all you do.

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