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Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's time to let go

Weeping through the night I found that I couldn't sleep
For many painful memories had me inside a cavern  deep
No one could take them from me; for they were all inside
Until there came an angel who carried them all outside.

"Its okay" she whispered, "to weep and to feel your pain;
But, drowning in such sorrow,is no way for you to remain
So let us take these problems and let us send them all away
They've done you so much damage, don't allow them time to stay.

I kept on holding to them even though they had hurt me so
But my angel motioned and shouted "it's time to let them go"
It wasn't an easy moment though it really should have been
For I had become too attached to the awful state I was in.

Healing's never an easy thing for it often demands a price
Letting go of all that's hurtful can be such a sacrifice
For we might be fearful of freedom or what can possibly be
But if we're willing to let go a new era we will come to see.

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