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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you noticed?

Have you listened to the morning dove? She's singing just for you.
Have you noticed as the robin sings?  It's  beautiful, isn't it true?
The morning is so surrounded by the music that is so Divine
That listening to it makes you feel like you're inside a sacred shrine.

Have you gazed upon the rising sun as it's shining before your  eyes?
Or, stumbled upon a waking seedling, emerging  from where it lies?
So much wisdom and wonder are transformed, into the hours of  every day:
That it is shameful not to stop and notice the mystery along the way

Take some time out every day to look at the world that's all around you
Search for the secrets hidden inside the moments you keep passing through
For deep inside the simplest forms are the mightiest echoes from above
Everything can and will cry out that "we're here only because of Love"

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